Letters to the Editor for Aug. 1, 2010

Published: Sunday, August 1, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, July 29, 2010 at 5:29 p.m.

What commissioners may not understand

As a physician dealing with real people in this community I think I see things that city commissioners, although well intentioned, do not.

I see families where spouses collectively work two or three jobs and rarely see each other or their children.

I see older people, many of which have four or five illnesses requiring five or 10 medications, unable to finance their drug burden. And, yes, they struggle to live within their means and do without.

I see fourth- and fifth-generation Gainesville families leaving this area because they can't afford to live here any longer.

While it is always painful to see police officers' and firefighters' livelihoods being compromised on the altar of tax considerations, one can't help but wonder if Gainesville government needs to rethink its hiring practices to be more realistically consistent with its tax base.

It is really outrageous that these hard-working persons become the currency of budget balancing because of its shock value.

Maybe we could do without the new $45 million addition to GRU.

James Nelson,


Good riddance to a bad climate bill

The Sun's July 25 editorial laments, “Energy paralysis,” but many are sighing with relief over the inability of Harry Reid and the radical left in the U.S. Senate to ram through a “Comprehensive Climate Change” bill.

This bill would have authorized the federal government unprecedented power over every aspect of our lives. Individuals and families would have paid thousands of dollars more each year in energy taxes, just to do what we normally do.

This bill would have coerced us all to restrict travel and reduce heating and cooling our homes, and would have added significant costs to almost everything we do; as the costs to businesses would be passed on to consumers.

It truly would have paralyzed our economy, through crippling taxes on carbon emissions.

We can all breathe a huge, carbon-emitting sigh of relief, that, at least for now, the trendy theory/myth of “man-caused global warming/climate change” will not wreck our family budgets, and American economy.

We have dodged a huge bullet, but we have to “keep the heat on Washington.”

Kathy Benton,


We need a plan

I am disturbed by the lack of economic opportunity for many lower income residents. The city cut back on expenditures and lowered the originally proposed fire assessment rate. But as Gainesville continues to grow we cannot ignore the opportunity deficit.

We need a plan to generate more revenue so that we can begin developing new economic opportunities where none exist.

Oswald Angulo,


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