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On Red Hat Day, DIVAS honor women who want to make the world a better place

The Red Hat Divas worship with the congregation at Hope to the World Church during Red Hat Day. The DIVAS are a group of ladies who live by the motto ‘Divinely Inspired Virtuous Anointed Sisters’.

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Published: Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
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It was Red Hat Day at Hope to the World Church in southeast Gainesville Sunday, and the Gainesville Red Hat DIVAS (divinely inspired virtuous anointed sisters), along with a packed church, heard a powerful word from one of its own.



Pastor: Rev. Robinsky Reed.
Location: 1734 SE Hawthorne Road.
Services: Sunday School begins at 8 a.m., and is followed by morning worship at 9 a.m. Prayer and Bible study begins at 6 p.m. Tuesday.
Information: www.hopetotheworldchurch.org.

Red Hat member Minister Jacquelin P. Strappy of Johnson Chapel Missionary Baptist Church delivered the sermon at Hope to the World, 1734 SE Hawthorne Road, and Dr. Leanetta McNealy, the queen of the local Red Hats, presided over the service.

Rev. Robinsky Reed is the pastor of Hope to the World.

Red Hat member Angela Terrell led the call to worship and the consecration prayer.

"I was glad when they said let us go into the house of the Lord," Terrell said before leading the Red Hat Choir in the singing of "Thank You Lord."

Terrell and The Red Hat Choir also led praise and worship.

Susie Mosley, the vice queen of the group gave the welcome and the occasion, and Red Hat member Leona Williams sang a solo, "I Want Jesus To Walk With Me."

The local Red Hat DIVAS is a part of the Red Hat Society, the largest international organization for women dedicated to making the world a better place for its members by promoting and supporting fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment and fitness for each individual along with demonstrating the value and contributions of women to society at large. The local group was formed last year and already has 87 active members.

Red Hat member Brenda Martin read scripture from Joshua 23:9-11 before Strappy was introduced by Red Hat member Rose Martin.

Strappy began her sermon by singing "My Living Won't Be In Vain."

Strappy then defined divas by saying they have godly attributes, and she told parishioners that the main requirement to become a Red Hat member is being a woman 50 or older.

"It is at this age when we know the difference between a fairy tale and reality," Strappy said. "As mature women, we have begun to change our relationship with the Lord."

She said understanding and love comes with maturity. She said mature women can celebrate the joy of another woman's glee and have the compassion to cry with another woman about the other woman's sorrows.

The title of her sermon was "The Power of One." She said there are many instances involving recent history that illustrate the power one individual can use to do evil. She used the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and the notorious Arab terrorist Osama bin Laden as examples.

"The power of one person for evil is clear," Strappy said. "It is also true that one person can have the power to do good."

She said the power of one can be seen in scripture in numerous places. She said one of those scriptures is Joshua 23:10 which reads, "One man of you shall chase a thousand."

She also used several other biblical stories to illustrate her point. She said it was one little boy who had the two fish and five loaves of bread that Jesus used to feed a multitude of people.

"The people ate until they got full," Strappy said. "God will use whatever you have to fill a need that you can not fill on your own. The little boy went to see a miracle that day, and became a part of a miracle."

She then talked about the little girl in the Bible who told Namon to go see a prophet that could heal him from leprosy. Instead of going to see the prophet, Namon went and found a king to heal him. She said the prophet came upon Namon anyway, and she said Namon was healed when he did what the prophet told him to do.

She also talked about Esther and Noah, and how they did powerful things with the help of the Lord.

"I'm talking about the power of one," Strappy said.

Strappy finished her sermon by talking about the power of Jesus Christ.

"Can I take you back to Calvary where one man died alone for sin that was not his own," Strappy said. "One man spilled his blood and brought us salvation."

Sunday School begins at 8 a.m., and is followed by morning worship at 9 a.m. Prayer and Bible study begins at 6 p.m. Tuesday. For more information, visit www.hopetotheworldchurch.org.

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