Mike Arias: Get dangerous motorists off the road

Published: Monday, February 1, 2010 at 1:27 p.m.
Last Modified: Monday, February 1, 2010 at 1:27 p.m.

To Ron Cunningham, In reference to your column of Jan 12th, on preventable motor vehicle fatalities occuring on our roadways due to speeding throughout the Country: Apparently our elected officials view the curent number of tragedies as acceptable in our society and choose to do nothing about this and other traffic related issues.

The other culprit responsible for many of the annual fatalities occurring on our roadways are impaired drivers operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol and/ or narcotics.

Then there are several other factors such as unsafe designed vehicles (the lateral sides of the vehicles and the roof structure of the majority of vehicles currently collape in a rollover collision even though the occupants are wearing seat belts) poorly designed and unsafe roadways, and

then distractions, the most common being the use of the cell phone while driving, which kills 2000 to 6000 motorists annually.

In reference to the use of cameras, of which I am an advocate for, please note that, although they are currently in use in some states throughout the country they are unfortunately not being readily accepted in other states even though they undoubtedly serve as a visual deterrent and the fact that traffic enforcement is low on the priority scale for law enforcement due to crime response being the major priority and the lack of manpower resources.

I do not understand the logic being used by those opposing the use of these cameras is concerned about their rights supposedly being violated and or/not being given due process when their violation was voluntarily commited and the infraction was recorded and or photographed and in a court room a picture is worth a thousand words of excuses. The words “I am sorry” and a large settlement are unfortunately totally meaningless for a seriously injured or a fatally injured motorists.

If anything I believe that the current fines for the drivers that voluntarily choose to disregard the traffic control devices needs to be significantly increased. And increase the number of points for committing this type of traffic infraction so they will hopefully think twice about disregarding these signaling devices, endangering their lives and those of innocent motorists as well. Let’s save lives by getting these reckless motorist off our public roadways.

Mike Arias


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