Wes Hunt: Obama’s dangerous Attorney General

Published: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 11:50 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 11:50 a.m.

A stealth left-winger in the Bush administration, Obama's Attorney General has emerged as the secret far-left operator he has always been. The decisions he has made as A.G. have been destructive to the best interests of the United States. Eric Holder seems far more commited to accomadating our murderous enemies, the terrorist thugs, who have been engaged in mass murder all over the globe, than in protecting the American people.

His decision to close Guantanamo, for example, has been horrible, giving the radical terrorist monsters what they only dreamed could happen. They all proclaimed their desire to confess to their terrorist activities, including 9/ll and accept, nay, glory in, dying for their "faith". But no, Holder, with no doubt, the shadowy backing of Obama himself, gave them a much better deal than they could have hoped, namely, let them spout their hateful, murderous propaganda right in the city they brought terror to in the infamous9/11 attacks.

No one with one working brain cell can figure out why Holder has done this. He can't explain it reasonably himself, as revealed in his Congressional testimony. He wants to terrorize and target New York before the whole world all over again. An extremely heartless decision, for all New Yorker and all Americans. Holder also sought to expose the workings of the CIA and even put loyal agents on trial. He also downplayed the murderous major of Fort Hood, who shot dead 13 fellow soldiers and wounded 38.

In short, this man is more about injustice than justice. He's oh, so reluctant to hurt the feelings of the mass mayhem monsters of Al Quieda, but so extremely committed to treating the international killers like American citizens. He is a disgrace to American justice and ought to put on the stand and seriously grilled about his dangerous decision-making. Holder is more to be feared than the terrorists themselves. God help us!

Wes Hunt,


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