Broken plate makes unique frame for loved one

What you need

Published: Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 11:42 p.m.

One plate is all you will need to make this simple frame that will show off your grandchildren or other loved ones. It's really simpler than you think to create this unique mosaic frame.

Mosaic heart frame

Step one: You can find the pre-mixed grout and the wooden heart frame at Michael's Crafts, as well as paint and adhesive. I purchase old plates at thrift stores. Prepare your frame by removing the acrylic inset and backing.

Step two: Put the plate between two pieces of toweling, and break with the hammer. Keep breaking until you have small pieces. You can use the nippers to make even smaller pieces and shape it to fit if you need to.

Step three: Apply the tile to the frame with the adhesive. Make sure there's at least 3/8-inch between all the pieces. Let dry for about two hours. Put on your gloves, and apply with your hands the grout from the bag. Don't worry about it being messy, because sponging it clean will smooth it all out.

Step four: Let the grout dry about 15 minutes. Take a damp sponge, and start smoothing the grout off the tiles. You will have to rinse the sponge often. Keep sponging until all the grout is off the tiles but remains between the tiles and on the edges of the wooden frame.

Step five: Let dry overnight, and in the morning, wipe the haze off the tiles. Paint the back with acrylic, let dry, and seal the whole frame with spray lacquer.

Using the inset as a template, cut your photo to fit inside the frame, insert, and hang or set on table.

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One dinner plate (your choice, but not glass or Corelle)

One wooden heart frame

One small bag of pre-mixed grout

E-6000 silicone adhesive

Acrylic paint (to match plate)

Clear spray lacquer

Rags, latex gloves, sponge

Old towel, hammer, tile nippers

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