Letters to the Editor - Jan. 22

Published: Friday, January 22, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 1:41 p.m.

U.S. culpability

The Haitian earthquake is a tragedy of biblical magnitude. We must all do, or give, whatever we can afford to give.

As Americans, we must also become aware of the role played by U.S. foreign policy for nearly a century, which made the death toll such a horror.

Since 1915, when President Woodrow Wilson sent troops into Haiti, we have doomed that tragic people to unimaginable poverty. Through political support of one puppet dictator after another, up until the notorious Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier regimes; cruel, corrupt and despotic leaders, whose reign ended in 1985.

It must be some sort of sick joke for President Obama to send former presidents Clinton and Bush junior to oversee rescue operations. The former has advocated a "neo-liberal" economic policy toward Haiti that includes sweatshops, while the latter had the democratically-elected and reform-minded President Aristide overthrown and exiled in 2004, and thwarted all attempts at his return to power.

U.S. corporations attempted to impose our "neo-liberal" economic policies on the country. What resulted was an uprooting of a few million agrarian peasants who moved to Port-au-Prince and live in crowded, substandard housing while trying to live in a nation with the lowest national income in the world.

This was all prologue to what has been, instead of a relatively minor natural catastrophe, one of biblical proportions.

Arnie Harris,


Ban this cruel hunt

Recently, I learned of the presence of fox and coyote pens in Florida where animals are caught in the wild and released to hounds in a fenced-in enclosure to be chased down to their death.

These pens cause unnecessary suffering of countless numbers of foxes, coyotes, and other wildlife. The animals remain entrapped for unknown periods of time without food or water, while being subjected to extreme weather conditions.

After being caught from the wild using inhumane methods, they are often transported long distances to be released into an inescapable enclosure where they will be chased for hours on end by large packs of hounds.

This practice is not natural, nor is this practice acceptable in a state that is known for wildlife conservation and protection.

I hope the Florida Fish and Wildlife Resources Commission will vote to end fox pens when it considers the issue at its next meeting in February.

Elizabeth Warner,


The value of water

The EPA is about 40 years late in enforcing water quality regulation. The Chamber of Commerce and all the dirty utilities, municipal waste and water managers, fertilizer manufacturers, developers and their lobbyist/lawyer attack dogs should all be ashamed to resist the cleanup that should have never been necessary.

What is the value of water contaminated with mercury, nutrients and every chemical and pharmaceutical known? What is the value of the fish Floridians can never consume? What is the value of the loss of wildlife, human health and the failure to build sustainability into the system?

Resistance to this long needed regulation takes a lot of nerve, and all those resisting EPA efforts are trying to leave the trough without paying the real tab.

Randall M. Lance,


You call that news?

The Sun's Jan. 17 front page headline "Problems keep aid from needy in Haiti" is an outright disgrace.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that after a world shattering earthquake there might be problems before getting aid to the victims. It's not front page news.

The press's expectations of an instant clean up and rebuild only adds to the already devastating news that we must process.

How about a front page highlighting the good that is taking place. It is a shame how you thrive on disaster.

Katie Glennon,


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