Letters to the Editor - Jan. 21

Published: Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 5:48 p.m.

Stop socialism

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid seem determined to force nationalized health care on the country. Forcing all Americans to have health insurance is likely unconstitutional.

The debate has its roots in the fundamental difference between the conservatives and liberals. Many conservatives believe in personal responsibility. Many liberals believe that the "nanny state" trumps personal responsibility.

They believe in the heavy hand of government to "spread the wealth" and to take from those who have; and to give it to those who do not.

This is socialism, and history has shown that it does not work.

The role of government is not to provide all that we need, it is to provide a common defense, establish a representative form of government to create and execute a system of laws and to foster an environment for us to be able to succeed.

We need to stand up to the culture of corruption that has taken power in Washington.

Ted Belser,


A simple solution

The Sun's recent editorial about capturing CO2 in methane is welcome. However, I have been studying these topics since 1971 as an academic, and I've come to a simple conclusion: The solution is to stop burning gasoline.

All the other methods for "dealing" with CO2 have proven to have not much depth to them. The idea of capturing CO2 and putting it somewhere really is impractical.

Convert the country to renewable energies and you will have the answer. China has promised to do it in 11 years.

John Bockris,


Save the panthers

A record number of 17 Florida panthers were killed on area roads in 2009. The response from federal regulators — that it is a positive sign because that means that there must be more panthers running around for cars to hit — gives the wrong impression.

While the panther population has increased from 30 in the 1980s to perhaps 100 today, every death threatens its survival.

We are asking the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to immediately implement three emergency measures to prevent the extinction of the Florida panther:

Limit Sprawl. Florida panther habitat has been whittled down to a few counties in South Florida. Plans for expansive development in the rural lands of eastern Collier County, such as the enormous Big Cypress shopping mall and housing complex, will bring more cars into panther habitat and threaten the small panther population left.

Sprawl into panther habitat will continue unless the Interior Department immediately designates "critical habitat," which would help state and local planners identify and protect vital land and require federal agencies to make sure their actions do not degrade the areas panthers need.

Protect Passage. Almost all of the panther road deaths were avoidable. Increased fencing and accelerated installation of the lower cost protective panther crossings at strategic panther movement corridors would eliminate the vast majority of the vehicle-related deaths.

Support Science. Panther survival depends on funding the work of panther experts and providing resources to acquire evolving technologies.

Prompt implementation of these three initiatives would help stem the unnecessary deaths of the nation's most critically endangered mammal.

Frank Jackalone,

Sierra Club

Andrew McElwaine,

Conservancy of Southwest Florida


Ticket to China

I have an even better idea for Jerry Jenkins ("China can, we can't," Jan. 16): If China is so great, why doesn't he move there? I'll stay right here in the U.S.A.

Rick McDaniel,


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