Dan Taylor: Punishment, not rehabilitation

Published: Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 5:12 p.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 5:12 p.m.

Once again, we see the tragic murder of an outstanding human being by a criminal pampered by the system and released only to become yet another killer that should have been dealt with harshly the first time around. Now we will now spend millions nursing him back to health, provide an army of parasitical lawyers for his defense, and lifetime of incarceration and call it "justice." If he had been punished for his crimes effectively, he would be rotting in jail where he belongs, and captain Chad Reed would still be serving the people of Dixie County.

I for one am sick of these monsters being continually released to prey upon the public and expect the state to be held accountable for crimes committed by repeat offenders. Every judge, defense lawyer, and useless bureaucrat who share responsibility should be charged, not just for

Captain Reed, but for all of the victims of violence by repeat offenders.

It is insanity that so many valuable resources will be spent on criminals to whom we owe nothing but a speedy introduction to God. This nation's criminal justice system is truly criminal, and yet no candidates ever speak of major reform. How about this as a starting point: Punishment, not

rehabilitation and due process means determining guilt or innocence, not endless proceedings and we don't care about your childhood. Get these people off the streets for good so the rest of us can live safely.

Dan Taylor,


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