Letters to the Editor - Jan. 19

Published: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, January 18, 2010 at 2:47 p.m.

Extraordinary film

I recommend the film, "Extraordinary Measures." It boasts a lot of big-time star power, but it's the story that's really important.

"Extraordinary Measures" is based on the true story of how a brave family and a number of dedicated researchers helped develop a drug to treat people — like my 7-year-old son, Phoenix — with the debilitating , and sometimes fatal Pompe disease.

Phoenix receives infusions of this drug, now called Myozyme, every two weeks at Shands. I have no doubt it saved his life as well as many other kids with Pompe disease.

The MDA helped by committing millions to Pompe research that ultimately lead to the drug that is so important to children and adults with Pompe disease. However it is important to note Myozyme is a treatment, not a cure. But, MDA continues to fund important research. With generous support from the community I know there will soon be a cure.

George Fox,


Torch of hatred

Televangelist Pat Robertson continues to carry a torch of hatred, cloaked in religion. According to Robertson, when Haiti turned its back on the God sanctioned enslavement of France — in exchange for its freedom — a deal was forged with the devil.

Pat Robertson has blamed numerous disasters on minorities and the weak for ages. Notably, Hurricane Katrina was the fault of gays, and the attacks of 9-11 the fault of the women's movement.

The most disturbing facet of this ideology is the fact that it resides, almost unchallenged, in the "right" fringe of the Republican Party.

If we were to follow Robertson's logic, it could be said that those who helped with Hurricane Katrina or gave their lives during 9-11, did so in vain, since they were, in essence, interfering with God's handy work.

Dereck R. Jones,


Health care bill a national disgrace

The wheeling and dealing concerning the so called "health care reform" has become a national disgrace. Our own U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson is not beneath making a deal for his vote.

Every member of Medicare Advantage will see a reduction in payments for services except for those in Florida. This will add as much as $30 billion to the cost of this flawed legislation.

The unions just cut a sweetheart deal for their members costing another $80 billion. Louisiana sold out for a mere $300 million, and Nebraska for a paltry $100 million.

I hope the people of this country will wake up and see what is happening to our rights under the Constitution. They are being eroded, bit by bit, and that will lead us to a government which controls every aspect of our lives.

Robert Gault,


My old pine tree

There is a very tall old pine tree in my yard. It spreads pine straw and cones all over. It also drops rotten limbs, and on occasion drips sap on my auto. Many people are cutting down these old tree-farm trees.

But this old tree keeps my house cool in the summer. It shelters all kinds of birds, holds a nest of squirrels and feeds them. And it did the most marvelous favor for me during the cold spell. It kept the frost from settling on my grapefruit tree.

Constance Brescia,


Where angels work

Our mother was in E.T. York Hospice Haven for three weeks and sadly, passed on Monday. Haven Hospice is a place for comfort, caring, patience, extreme concern for all who enter. A wonderful group of angels work at E.T York; nurses, doctors, cooks, aides and LPN's.

John and Ann Kukan,

Worthington Springs

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