Letters to the Editor - Jan. 15

Published: Friday, January 15, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 5:19 p.m.

Turn up the heat

I am a teacher at a Gainesville elementary school. The recent temperature drop has obviously affected all of us, but something people may not realize is how it is impacting the schools.

The School Board, in what I understand was a cost-cutting measure, has locked the thermostat in every classroom at my school at 68 degrees.

Many children do not come to school with the proper cover up for these temperatures to begin with. We are sitting them in frigid classrooms for six hours a day.

We are already cutting so many things that are costing these students the education they should be getting, and now on top of this we are freezing them out of their classrooms.

This is ridiculous. Something needs to be done.

Kendra Fields,

Keystone Heights

Turn out the lights

During the cold snap I read numerous articles about power outages caused by increased electrical consumption. There have been announcements from GRU to conserve.

On Tuesday, my wife and I bundled in layers of warm clothing because we have our thermostat at a low setting and, making sure no unnecessary lights had been left on, settled in to watch the Gator basketball game on ESPN.

The aerial photos of the O'Dome, Florida Field and the large sports complex came on the screen and I felt like I was being duped. All of these facilities were lit up like the state fair grounds. I'm dumfounded at this immense wasteful consumption of energy.

UF seems to have little regard for conservation. Perhaps somebody could offer a believable explanation or turn off the lights.

Ken Duffield, Jr.


Maris' Record still stands in my book

In 1927 Babe Ruth set the single season home run record with 60. In 1961 I watched Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris pursue that 34-year-old record. I remember how exciting that season was as Roger Maris broke Babe's record on the last day of the season by one home run.

Major League Baseball felt the need to put an asterisk on that record, noting that Ruth hit 60 in a 154-game season, but Maris hit 61 in a 162-game season. The asterisk was later removed.

That record stood for 37 years before Mark McGwire and two other juiced-up players came along and not only broke the record, they completely blew it out of the water. Mark McGwire finished the 1998 season with 70 home runs. This record is truly deserving of an asterisk.

It doesn't matter what the record books say, in my record book Maris holds the record and I will wait for some young star to come along and someday hit 62 home runs in a single season. Congratulations Roger.

Joe Piazza,


Immunization shock

There are many venues that offer the H1N1 flu vaccine for free or at a cost of $18 to $25 with no administration fee added. Find these opportunities in our community.

Do not receive the vaccine from your primary care provider without inquiring about the cost, both for the vaccine and the administration fee. I was recently charged $20 for the vaccine and $97 to administer it at my primary care physician office! Had I planned better, I would have received it for free or as little as $18.

Debbie Popovich,


Stop repatriations

The government should provide temporary protective status to all Haitians currently in the United Status. To continue the repatriation process for any Haitian at this time would be dangerous and immoral given the current humanitarian crisis.

Matthew Irwin


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