Letters to the Editor - Jan. 14

Published: Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 at 2:33 p.m.

Government is no longer our friend

Our government is losing any semblance of moral authority or fiscal responsibility. It seems to be living in a fantasy world of infinite financial resources created in thin air by the Federal Reserve and its printing press.

In this unreal world, failure is rewarded in a bail out extravaganza justified under a government policy of "fairness," a feel-good code word used to justify redistribution of wealth in a socialized, communal way.

Our government is no longer the people's friend, but our Constitution still is. I fear for my children and theirs. I feel we are under attack from an outside source that is now inside, and their end game is redistribution of currency and globalization.

This four-year presidential cycle is a seminal moment in our long history and will be a test of survival for our republic. It is time to stand up.

John S. Poser,


Lawyers are chipping away at our rights

We all know our rights and freedoms are continually being chipped away by lawyers, and yet we keep voting for them for public office.

Our legal system has been so convoluted by lawyers from both the left and the right that our Constitution is nearly indistinguishable.

Property rights and eminent domain of the homeowner are a thing of the past. Gun rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and even freedom of the press over the airwaves are constantly being attacked

You really want to know why we have become a nation of consumers and not producers? It is because the lawyers have put so many impediments in the way of everything produced that it is becoming impossible to produce anything.

Let's start electing producers of wealth instead of consumers of wealth. Then maybe we all can be wealthy?

Ben Butler,


State DMV won't take federal documents

In this age of heightened security, I was accepting of the Florida DMV new policy of requesting additional documentation when getting, renewing or changing the name on a driver's license. I understand the need to be diligent and prudent when issuing state issued identification, but it can be taken too far.

As a recently married woman, I gathered all of my documentation needed to change my name at the Social Security office, which went smoothly, and the DMV. At the Social Security office I received a receipt and documentation that I had changed my name and would be receiving my card in 7 to 10 days. It gave my previous name and new name.

Next I went to the DMV, and imagine my surprise and frustration when they would not accept documentation from the Social Security office.

I do understand it was not my actual card, but the paperwork issued by the federal government should be sufficient.

Nancy Gil,


Can't afford kids? Don't have them

On Jan. 11, Alison Law made a very bad attempt to tell us all about the value of education and how "parents" sometimes need help in getting their children needed resources. She cited three examples of "just three loving, caring, concerned families." She goes on to say that should any of these children experience failure "it is because we (I assume she means the rest of us) didn't help their families give them the start in life they need."

Why have any of these people had, or are about to have, children they couldn't afford and take care of properly? There once was a stigma in this country when it came to having children out of wedlock or ones that we couldn't afford.

One way or another we will end up paying for all of the unfortunate children. It's just a matter of time before Law will be writing finger-pointing columns about the children of these same children as they repeat their parents' mistakes.

Bill Maur,


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