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Family & Friends Day Celebration hosted at Springhill Missionary Baptist Church

Members of the Springhill Missionary Baptist Church choir perform during the Family and Friends Day Celebration Sunday morning at the church.

BRAD MCCLENNY/Special to the Guardian
Published: Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 6:26 p.m.

Family members and friends of the congregation at Springhill Missionary Baptist Church experienced something that is routine at the church - a fiery, inspiring and oratorically superb sermon from the pastor of the church, 30-year-old Pastor Adrian S. Taylor.



Pastor: Pastor Adrian S. Taylor.
Location: 120 SE Williston Road.
Services: Sunday morning worship services are at 8 and 10:45 a.m., and Sunday School is at 9:30 a.m.
Phone: 352-377-1566.

The church at 120 SE Williston Road was packed to capacity Sunday on Family and Friends Day.

Taylor preached from Psalm 78, and the title of his sermon was "A Call to Reflection." He focused on the ninth verse in the text, and he talked about the causes and consequences of Eprhaim's children's decision to turn back and not fight a battle that God had promised them they would win.

Taylor said the text makes it clear that the children of Ephraim had turned away from God, and had forgotten what God had done for their fathers. He said the text demonstrates how people's attitudes about God can lead to their destruction.

"People today are always looking for something new," Taylor said. "Understand one thing though, the word of God has not changed and will not change. Ain't nothing new about John 3:16, and it is still good today."

Taylor said the text encourages the children of Ephraim to remember their history and go back to God. He likened the situation of the children of Ephraim with what his generation has had to endure. He said a lot of parents of people his age decided not to make their children go to church, and he said in doing so, those children grew up without an understanding of the awesomeness and power of God.

Taylor said the text illustrates three things about the children of Ephraim and what they went through. He said those three things were their defiance, deliverance and dependence.

He said they showed their defiance when they turned their backs in battle when they were sufficiently armed and had been promised by God that they would be triumphant. He said their defiance led them to flee sure victory.

"They had decided that their fear was greater than than their faith in God," Taylor said. He said they turned and and went back to where they were comfortable at because they had no faith.

"Sometimes people stay in our comfort zone and die in their faithlessness," Taylor said.

Taylor also said that the children of Ephraim demonstrated their defiance by forgetting what God had done for their fathers. He said there are 32 places in Deuteronomy where the children of Israel were told not to forget God.

"In Hebrew, the word forgot means to set aside," Taylor said, adding that the children of Ephraim had decided that they could live without God just like many people in his generation don't have time for God.

He said a lot of people have time for their jobs, fishing on a creek or going to a game more than they have time to come to church.

"We have time for everything for God," Taylor said.

He also said God knows how to get the attention of people who forget about how awesome he is.

He said the children of Ephraim received deliverance when God replaced Pharaoh as their master by performing miracles that freed them from Pharaoh in Egypt. He said God not only parted the Red Sea, but built a highway for more than two million people to flee to safety.

"God is a miracle worker," Taylor said. "I got some miracles in here this morning. Somebody in here was told by a doctor that it was nothing else he could do for you, but you pulled through anyway. That is a miracle."

He also said the children of Ephraim demonstrated their dependence on God by them needing to be protected and provided for by God.

He said the text describes how God put a cloud over them to protect from too much sun that might have caused heat strokes, and gave them fire at night to help them see where they were going in battle.

He said God provided for them by turning a rock into water while they were in the desert.

"Sometimes God will give you blessings in strange and unusual places," Taylor said. "Supplies might run out, but the supplier never runs out! Provisions might run out, but the provider never runs out."

Sunday morning worship services are at 8 and 10:45 a.m., and Sunday School begins at 9:30 a.m.

The phone number is 352-377-1566.

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