Letters to the Editor - Jan. 8

Published: Friday, January 8, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 1:27 p.m.

A political agenda

"Carbon pollution", a phrase often heard in the discussion of climate change, conjures up visions of sooty black smoke billowing from factories and power plants. This image is totally inaccurate.

The carbon referred to is carbon dioxide, a natural by-product of all forms of combustion. Humans exhale CO2.

Advocates of man-caused global warming label CO2 a pollutant; they maintain that the increase from .025 percent to .035 percent in the atmosphere represents an immediate danger to life as we know it. This is hardly proven science.

Earth's climate is always changing. One thousand years ago, during what is called the Medieval Warm Period, the Earth was several degrees warmer than now.

When advocates of global warming say that "the science is settled," you can be sure that it is exactly a robust examination of the science that they most fear. These ideologues have an economic or political agenda, not a scientific one.

Keith Shapiro,


How to stop sprawl

Urban sprawl seems to be choking our state and infrastructure, yet even as more people are leaving each day, developers want to increase the number of homes available.

Before turning bulldozers loose on our forests and farms wouldn't it be nice if voters could have a say?

Well, this fall we will, and if approved, Florida will become the first state to require democratically elected urban sprawl.

You may have read in The Sun of a massive development being proposed north of 39th Avenue at I-75. Does it make sense to build more "sprawl" when there are so many homes for sale? This will only decrease home values more as these come onto the market.

Mark your calendars now to vote yes in November on Amendment No. 4, which gives the people the power to control development by voting on these comprehensive plan changes. For more information see www.floridahometowndemocracy.com .

William Dunk,


Don't blame GRU

In a Jan. 6 letter Ed Brown blames GRU for the plan to build a biomass plant. It is not GRU's plan.

GRU functions and receives its direction from the City Commission. The tree burning plant is the plan of your six city commissioners and your mayor. This is not GRU's fault, it is the decision your elected officials made.

No "shame" should be directed toward GRU. Shame should be directed at the commission and to those who elected them.

If I were running for the commission, which I am not, my first motion would be to kill this absurd idea.

For all of you who are burning wood right now trying to stay warm: What do you think is going to happen to the price of wood when we begin consuming hundreds of tons per day?

Tony Domenech,


An unfair label

On behalf of the Nigerian community of Gainesville, I wish to state that we were shocked by news reports that a Nigerian is a radical jihadist who tried to kill innocent lives. We deplore such acts.

Most importantly, we are disheartened that the media label the jihadist as simply "a Nigerian suicide bomber," giving the impression that all Nigerians are Muslims and jihadists.

Although there may be Islamic fanatics in Nigeria who seek to Islamize Nigeria or be part of a global jihad movement, the majority of Muslims are not; as evident by a father giving up his son to the authorities. The majority of Nigerians are not Muslims.

To use the broad generalization "Nigerian suicide bomber" is unfair. The acceptable phrase, if at all, should be, "a Nigerian Muslim suicide bomber," as has been suggested by some critics.

Tunga Lergo,

Professor of sociology

Santa Fe College

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