Linda C. Wilson: The myth of the liberal media

Published: Friday, January 8, 2010 at 3:34 p.m.
Last Modified: Friday, January 8, 2010 at 3:34 p.m.

So much for the liberal media! Just when the party of hope is spreading its wings, and racing around putting out Bush fires (oil rigging, war mongering, tax cutting for the wealthy, buddies with pharmaceutical giants, etc.), we hear of a few retirees who might upset the apple cart in congress. Democrats who don’t want their jobs anymore.

We hear from the media that these seats up for grabs spell very bad news for Obama’s agenda and the Democratic Party as a whole; the sky is falling already, election talk takes space in the papers instead of news about peace negotiations in the Middle East, and the bad news sells papers. While there is plenty of good news coming out about the economy trying to recover and health care legislation being distilled to fit more people, the imagined bad news about the Democratic majority in Congress gets more hot blood up, and gets the tea party people in gear to go for the throat, spread more of their disinformation via Rush and some new guy on Fox, oh, yes, Glenn Beck, seems meaner and more feisty than Bill O’Reilly…wow, that’s saying something.

Americans of a certain ilk crave negative news. Some businesses in Gainesville keep Fox News on their TV’s for the public in sitting areas and such. Yikes! I see this, I ask for it to be changed, and if not, I do not return to that store. How can I sit and be assaulted by right-wing sluggers when I still have hope, I still have energy to change the world, and I can’t give into GOP bullying.

Right now, we should be praying for peace, in many areas of conflict throughout the world, and we should work to solve problems instead of tossing more gas on the fire. Use these written attacks on Obama to line the birdcage floor, and don’t give these thugs any power. We have a plan, it takes time to implement, and we can only undo the damage of past administrations a little piece at a time. As the party of blame, the Republicans, put all this pressure on Obama to fix the economy, they refuse to take credit for creating this huge debt. The gap between very wealthy and very poor became much wider during George W. Bush’s tenure. That’s the game for the GOP. Get back in power in Congress and get their man in and never use a veto pen on anything, especially a tax cut.

We see, we get it, and we abhor these divisions, but when big money is involved, mankind has shown that his values are defined on bottom lines and not even close to loving your neighbor, feeding widows and orphans, and caring for the sick and lame. I just hope they find the funds to help us all learn to speak Chinese!

Linda C. Wilson,


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