Letters to the Editor - Jan. 7

Published: Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, January 6, 2010 at 5:09 p.m.

Biofuels needed

Diesel engines are the workhorses that power the trucking, construction, and other heavy equipment industries. Our economy would flounder if there was an energy crisis and diesel fuel became scarce or prohibitively expensive. It makes sense to gradually switch to an alternative fuel such as biodiesel.

For any biodiesel fuel to be profitable it has to be readily available. I have yet to see a gas station offering biodiesel. It is notable that Alachua County's fleet manager uses a biodiesel blend. The city might consider switching to a biodiesel fuel for its fleets. There needs to be a market for biodiesel if this industry is going to survive.

Recycling used vegetable oil also sounds practical. A local or government-sponsored recycled oil-to-fuel program might come in handy one day.

Biodiesel is a cleaner-burning fuel alternative that will lessen our dependence on imported oil. Government officials need to be encouraging the transition to this alternative fuel.

Diane Forkel,


Water use decisions

The Sun can take pride in its responsible editorials of concern over vitally needed water conservation measures. It's these sort of public reminders that will help make increased water conservation a reality.

Also, thanks to The Sun for pointing out the recent state legislative language reducing the ability of Water Management District governing boards to approve or disapprove new water use permitting applications. Hopefully this will be fixed in the upcoming general session. If not, the boards with their volunteer members, appointed by the governor, need not exist.

If the permitting language is not restored, approval or disapproval of new water use applications will continue in the jurisdiction of each of the five water management board executive directors. This is not a criticism of the directors, its simply a reminder of the function and intent of boards resulting from the state-wide referendum that created those citizen boards.

David Flagg,

Vice Chair,

Suwannee River Water

Management District


It's OK to search me

I go through the same airport search as any other randomly-selected person. I propose that while we must continue to cater to those afraid of having their private parts electronically viewed or physically patted down, we also speed up the boarding process.

If there were lines at airports where you could pick "Quick" or "Slow," I'd opt for "Quick." Sniff me, scan me, fondle me. Let me through to the airplane.

As for the fearful rest of you, take the "Slow" line where the name of each and every one of you is checked against a updated and useful no-fly list before you remove your shoes, get a probably ineffective pat-down and have your carry-on hand searched.

Russell Henderson,


Leave us alone

I was accosted recently in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart by a woman wearing a T-shirt sporting the slogan "Islam is the Devil"

I find this sort of illegal solicitation totally offensive. This woman pretended to be handing out Christian literature, but in fact was spewing anti-Islam rhetoric.

My comment to this woman and all of her other church devotees: Leave me and all other shoppers alone and go pray at your house of worship.

Sara Postlethwaite,


New road needed

Planning Commission member Taylor Brown stated in The Sun "That extension to Millhopper Road scares me." What is it about building an extension road that frightens him?

Could it be the thought of relieving traffic on 43rd Street, 39th Avenue and Millhopper Road? Or, perhaps it is the idea of saving thousands of gallons of gasoline, thus reducing our carbon footprint?

Millhopper Road does not have an alternative for emergencies during downed trees and power lines, which happens often.

We live off Millhopper Road and love the canopied drive, but we also realize the failure to build north/south roads is causing undue congestion. For some this will not be a popular decision, but it is a necessary one.

Jim and Jane Shimeall,


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