Letters to the Editor - Jan. 1

Published: Friday, January 1, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 7:55 p.m.

No more Napolitano

The "terrorists" seem to be as inept as the U.S. government. This, of course, is fortunate for us.

Both their suicide-bomber-like agents, who would have killed themselves had they been able in the airplanes they were attempting to destroy, failed.

I trust that the leadership of al-Qaida will deal appropriately with those who picked the two.

I hope that we will, too. The realization that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will continue in office troubles me.

In 1953, I was in Pusan as a staff-member of the 21st Station Hospital of the U.S. Army. A fire broke out in the city and destroyed the shacks that served as home for many Koreans who were refugees as a result of the invasion by the North Koreans. A day later, the Pusan mayor resigned.

I asked a Korean why he did so when he was most needed. The answer was that he felt responsible for those who had become homeless. Napolitano should think about that.

Robert W. Bertcher,


Bring them home

We are way over-extended in our military involvements around the world. Why do we still have military bases in France, Germany, Japan and on and on and on? I thought we defeated those countries, and now we are spending billions protecting them. From what?

I want to see those billions going to what will really protect this nation: More good roads and bridges, more national parks, more and better schools and a national health care system for all.

Our national security derives from a well-educated, healthy population, not bombs and guns.

William D. Hedges,


Cartoon off the mark

The Dec. 30 editorial cartoon depicting TSA screeners as a bunch of buffoons oblivious to security threats was a cheap shot and an example of sick humor.

The suspect arrested for carrying bomb materials boarded outside the U.S. and was not screened by TSA. Had he been screened by the TSA I am familiar with I doubt he would have made it onto that aircraft.

Give these people credit for the conscientious, dedicated hard workers they are. The joke in this case is the cartoonist not the TSA. I hope they give you guys at The Sun special attention next time you fly because you deserve it!

Pat Rhodes,


Leave Meyer alone

The jackals who call themselves journalists need to show some grown-up restraint and leave Urban Meyer and his family alone.

The Dec. 31 Sun article serves no purpose other than to increase the angst being felt by the Meyer family. Nobody gives a flip how coach Meyer got to Shands. It's enough that he got the help he needed.

In a world where exploding underwear is now in fashion in the terrorist world, how can Urban Meyer and his ride to Shands be a story of note?

Jeffrey H. Dissell,


A distasteful cartoon

Your cartoon accompanying a Dec. 30 letter protesting GRU's biomass generator used the Marine Corps' iconic flag raising on Iwo Jima as a comic illustration. As survivors of that battle we find the image demeaning, offensive, inappropriate and in poor taste.

Rather than using tree stumps surrounding the Iwo Jima Memorial your illustrator might have drawn white grave markers to represent the 6,821 brave men who gave up their lives in that battle. Using a dollar bill to represent the flag showed a callous disrespect for our national colors.

Clif Cormier,

Bob Gasche,


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