Letters to the Editor - Jan. 17

Published: Saturday, January 17, 2009 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Friday, January 16, 2009 at 8:23 p.m.

He did his job

Americans are angered and frustrated by CEO's who expect million dollar bonuses for just doing their jobs. Let's pause to reflect on what it really means to do one's job.

On Wednesday, U.S. Airways Cpt. Chelsey Sullenberger III piloted a disabled plane through an incredible safe landing on the Hudson River, saving all 155 souls aboard. He will not get a million dollar bonus. He will not expect or even want a bonus for doing the job he was trained and hired for.

Like millions of other workers, he did his job, did it well, and expects no extra payment.

Congratulations to him, and shame on the few who expect ridiculous payments for work not done.

Anne Boches,


W.'s farewell speech

Does W' even live on the same planet as the rest of us? Where has he been for the last eight years?

His speech writers did a pretty fair job with only a C' student and a bought degree to work with!

Karen Murphey,

High Springs

Israel's legitimacy

By implication, Jose Caraballo (Voice, Jan. 10) suggests that the creation of Israel was not valid. Caraballo probably doesn't realize that the Arab nations surrounding Israel were formed in virtually the same way, at about the same time.

He doesn't mention the fact that more Jewish refugees were forced to flee these new Arab countries than Arabs left the new Israel.

Caraballo probably doesn't know much about these refugees because Israel resettled them, while Arab countries put their refugees into squalid camps where they remain today.

Caraballo doesn't mention that the entire mass of Jordan and Israel were once one territory known as the British Mandate, and that 80 percent of that territory was given to the Arabs and is now known as Jordan. He might be surprised to learn that the majority population of Jordan is culturally identical to the Palestinian Arabs living in Israel, making Jordan an already existing "Palestinian State."

Even so, the remaining 20 percent of land was divided again into Jewish and Arab regions, where the Jewish regions contained mostly swamps and deserts, not Arab homes and villages. If the Palestinians accepted their partition then or now, there would be no need for conflict, but the Palestinians, the Islamic world and an increasing numbers of well-intentioned, but ignorant Westerners cannot tolerate a non-Islamic country in the Middle East.

Bruce Welt,


U.S. wrong on Gaza

Our undying support of Israel has brought us terrorist attacks. A forty year persecution of another race has created hatred and consequences.

Many Jews protest the actions of a hard-line territorially acquisitive Israeli government. Global protests of Gaza incursions receive little coverage, while a singular pro Israel demonstration does. Take an objective look at history, drop the religious/guilt mumbo-jumbo and realize that people are being tortured and killed today by American bombs and bullets.

Nuclear Israel can stand alone. They are not defending themselves but cunningly punishing a long abused population during our changing of the guard.

Randall Lance,


Israel not at fault

I am sick and tired of hearing people describe the situation in Gaza as one of raw, unbridled Israeli aggression against an innocent and oppressed people.

Israel is surrounded by sworn enemies who have vowed its destruction. They have had to become strong to survive in the face of such animosity.

The Palestinian situation began with the first "resistance" leader, al-Huseini, who vowed to do anything and everything within his power to prevent a Jewish State from emerging. He was a rabid anti-Semite who urged the killing not only of Jews, but of any Arabs sympathetic to their cause.

And so the torch has been passed down from generation to generation.

How does Israel defend itself against a group that hides behind its own civilians? That tells the world it is being oppressed, while privately, and not-so-privately, swearing no rest until Israel is destroyed?

Israel has shown tremendous restraint in dealing with thousands of missile attacks on its civilians, after it had ceded contested land to the Palestinians living in Gaza. But how long should it have to endure this? The real finger of blame needs to be pointed not only at Hamas, with its warped ideology, but at the Palestinians both here and abroad who support Hamas' rule of terror.

If this were the Middle East, there would be a bomb on my doorstep tomorrow for expressing this opinion; not from Israel, but from the "freedom-loving" Hamas who people have so mistakenly supported in our academic communities.

Ian Schleifer,


Why Israel fights

Tom Olmsted's Jan. 15 letter doesn't mention why Israel is at war with Hamas. It's because Israel has been attacked by them for years with rockets and suicide bombers.

He mentions Israel is creating a major health crisis and a hazard for the people in Gaza, I guess riding on a bus in Israel isn't a health hazard when it is suddenly blown up by an Arab.

Israel did hand over Gaza to the Palestinian people and literally dragged Israeli citizens out of their homes to do it. But what do the Palestinian people do? Use it as a staging area to rocket Israel again.

The Hamas Government was voted in by their own people. Now Olmstead is mad because that same government is using their own people as human shields to protect them.

The goal of the Middle East is to drive Israel into the sea. However, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will never allow that to happen. Israel belongs to the Jews and always will.

Bill Foss,


Israel's attacks

General use of the term "asymmetrical warfare" has for sometime denoted to us the irregular methods of radical anti-democratic Islamist extremists.

These extremists planting IEDs or walking into public marketplaces to detonate themselves would also jump at the chance to detonate dirty bombs etc. in American cities. They desire to bring to completion the demise of capitalism recently initiated by Wall Street criminals (also terrorists).

Now Israel has attacked population centers in Gaza from which the democratically elected Hamas lobs unguided missiles into the general direction of Jewish civilians.

After 3 weeks of active hostilities the score is more than a thousand Palestinians dead (unable to flee the conflict), and less than two dozen Israelis. Israel's vastly superior, U.S. subsidized, precision war targeting technology has smashed elementary schools, food distribution centers, electric generating and water purification sites, hospitals and United Nations facilities.

None dare call this "asymmetrical warfare."

Perry Keidel,


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