Letters to the Editor - Jan. 14

Published: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 at 1:51 a.m.

Robbie was wrong we weren't lethargic

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I don't know where Robbie Andreu was Sunday, but it sure wasn't the Swamp!

Lethargic? Plodding? Forgot how to celebrate?

No one was lethargic! Certainly Tim Tebow's wonderful announcement would have blown the roof off, if there was one. But there was no shortage of celebration and feeling going on before Superman spoke.

The fact that 40,000-plus were there to share the afterglow of our latest National Championship should tell you we were all very excited and happy to share it.

Once the players hit the field — and we were able to show our appreciation for their terrific effort and example of how to never give up — there was 100 percent enthusiasm and enjoyment. The team championship was celebrated, applauded, savored and loved in an unquiet demonstration that some of us have waited entire lifetimes to take part in.

So don't paint us as a bunch of groupies. We fervently, passionately and loudly appreciate the Gators. We were especially excited to hear that next year may be even better. Maybe we cheered so loudly it damaged Robbie's hearing.

It's great to be a Florida Gator. Hear me?

Tamara T. Burt,

Live Oak

Don't close AGH, don't rag on Bush

I have two things I would like to comment on:

First, I think it is a terrible shame, almost sinful, for AGH to be closed. It is needed on that side of town.

To reach Shands or North Florida, people have to wade through traffic. A lot of people enjoy the homier setting.

I propose that Alachua County buy back the hospital, or that North Florida buy it as a back-up hospital, as they are nearly full all the time.

Second, to the Bush bashers: Shut up!

Your choice has been elected. It is shameful what kind of grief President Bush receives, and I certainly feel bad for Laura. What's done has been done, so get over it.

The next president will certainly have his problems, but as a Republican (usually, not always) I will certainly support President-elect Obama. I didn't always like what Bush did, and I'm sure I won't like everything Obama does, but they should be supported, not continually bashed!

Please think before you speak. These people are someone's sons, daughters, they are fathers and mothers, and their children should not be under such scrutiny. They need to be left alone to be able to have as normal a life as they can have.

Linda H. Avery


Sweeping disabled under the rug

In all of the "wisdom" of the state Legislature in its cuts to funds for Medicaid, isn't there some misappropriation going on?

My recollection was that Medicaid was a federally funded program. Or at least in a partnership with the state. Isn't there some assistance from the federal pool to maintain those services at their former rates without having to cut those rates to the very bone?

I know many consumers who have lost medically needed services due to the newly instituted Tier Program. That is the most bogus thing the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) has come up with lately, except for the new Rebasing Program.

The State of Florida is not looking out for the people it is charged to protect. It is too busy designing programs that are designed to fail. Bury the consumer with paperwork and illogical hoops to jump through.

The continued cutbacks seem only to be occurring at the lower levels of our social strata. It seems we are to sweep the disabled and elderly under the rug: out of sight, out of mind.

I don't see any politicians, CEOs or CFOs giving up anything near what they have asked the consumers to. I do see them taking more and more from those who have less and less to give.

Karen Murphey,

High Springs

What's become of Kirby Smith yard?

It really upsets me to see what is happening to the east yard at Kirby Smith Center. It was bad news when it was decided years ago that Kirby Smith would no longer be an elementary school, but that's another story.

The yard has been in use as a parking lot for some time now, but I can remember when it had better uses. Our kids as well as other in the neighborhood, including adults, had a great playground.

Kids learned how to play soccer there. They flew kites, played baseball, threw a frisbee, walked their dogs etc.

I want to know whose idea it was to spend money to pave this yard. I certainly believe that the School Board could spend our money more wisely at this time.

Henry Ebersole,


No ‘business' on The Hill for Stearns to miss on game day

In response to David Bruderly letter of January 10: It is a shame that Bruderly felt a need to try and humiliate Congressman Cliff Stearns and show Gainesville how much of a mistake the voters made by not electing him, at least once out of three failed attempts, instead of Cliff.

Bruderly has absolutely no idea of what is going on in Congress. Had he taken the time to research the House's agenda for Thursday and Friday, he would have seen that Congress had absolutely nothing addressing a single one of those problems scheduled for a vote. The only thing of note was the electoral votes, scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

The electoral vote was certainly important (in reality, it was a formality), but could have easily been accomplished on Thursday morning.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker, actually sets the agenda. It would have been more appropriate for Bruderly to question why she has not forced the House membership to work five days a week as she promised would happen if the Democrats came into power, as they did, in 2006.

Had that happened, then his letter would certainly have been justified. However, the House's agenda shows that approving Congressman Stearns' request would not have created a problem.

It is time for Bruderly to start questioning his own party leadership on why they are not doing those things they promised they would do when they came into power two years ago!

Jim Whitehead,


To the anti-smokers, take this challenge and see who loses

I have a challenge for the anti-smoking crowd: Let's get one of you in a closed garage with an SUV running in neutral. Let's get a pro-choice cigarette smoker in a closed garage next to me while I huff a pack of Camels.

I'll give you two to one odds the person in the garage with the SUV drops dead before my person does.

In short, stop driving a car forever before you write another second-hand smoke letter to The Gainesville Sun.

The web site www.forces.org debunks misinformation and exaggerations about active and passive smoking. Nothing has been conclusively proven to be the cause of cancer.

Tom Miller,


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