Letters to the Editor - Jan. 13

Published: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, January 12, 2009 at 7:40 p.m.

Don't pick on Pat, his picks not perfect but he's predictable

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Noel A. Delgado , Alachua

I am writing in defense of Pat Dooley (in response to Betty Turner Queen's letter on Jan. 10, "Hang down your head, Pat Dooley".)

It is unfair to chastise Pat on the basis of picking Oklahoma over Florida; his prediction for this game was no worse than the rest of his bowl game picks.

I know first-hand: Instead of making my own picks (like I did last year), I relied on Pat Dooley's bowl game predictions to help me improve my standing in this year's bowl game competition with friends.

Luckily for me, Pat didn't publish his pick for the BCS game with the rest of his picks on Dec. 24, so I was forced to make my own prediction.

As it turns out, the BCS game was the only game that I won.

Let's not chastise Pat for being a pseudo Gator fan; let's compliment him for his consistency in making bad bowl game picks.

Lise Abrams,


Sorry, Ute fans, but team falls short

I am writing in response to all the fans of the University of Utah who are claiming to be the national champions.

While you undoubtedly have very good team that has gone through a decent schedule, your strength of schedule was not on the same level as the SEC and the Big 12, and even undefeated, you are not the national champions.

You are national champions when you win the BSC title game and the polls rank you #1. Utah did neither; they won the Sugar Bowl and ended the season ranked #2 in the AP Poll and #4, behind Texas and USC (who both have just as strong as argument to claim they are the best team).

There is no argument, only the reality that under the present system the NCAA has in place, the Florida Gators are the 2008 NCAA National Champions of football.

Get over it, you had a great season, and look forward to next year.

Scott Erker,


Going to inaugural on my own dime

I look forward to attending the Inauguration of President-Elect Obama at my own expense; no taxpayer dollars involved. I consider it an honor to witness this historic event and cover the expenses myself.

Cynthia Moore Chestnut,


Alachua County Commission


Disappointed so far

Last November millions of voters cast ballots for the first time. The election of Barak Obama will remain a highlight of American history.

However, it appears that his campaign for "Change you can believe in" was just another empty promise to be flushed away the day after the election.

With each announcement of nominations to President-elect Obama's cabinet my disappointment deepens. Where is the change?

His cabinet looks just like those of the past several decades.

Yes, experience is important to these vital offices, but what our country needs in our executive branch is smart people with new ideas. Instead, President-elect Obama seems bent on putting the dinosaurs in charge of evolution.

We need to remind President-elect Obama of his campaign promises and insist that he look outside of the established political circus if he is to effect the changes that our country needs.

Keith Ingram,


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