Letters to the Editor - Jan. 3

Published: Saturday, January 3, 2009 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Saturday, January 3, 2009 at 12:49 a.m.

Bush deserves our thanks, not our hatred

We start our new year with more hate, as evidenced by The Sun's Jan. 1 political cartoon and Bob Herbert's column.

What a dichotomy exists in the behavioral capabilities of humans! Some of us are wonderful, and others exhibit hate, perversity and vitriol in a way that no predator of the animal kingdom ever could.

Our president deserves thanks now that his term is essentially over. Criticizing him serves no purpose, other than making him the scapegoat for the failings of most of the rest of us in this country. How handy!

I have never previously witnessed such ugliness in my nearly seventy years on this planet.

I will not list the accomplishments of George Bush because every thinking person knows what they are. The most important is that he probably has had a lot to do with our not being attacked on our own soil since Sept. 11.

Okay, he may have appointed the wrong person to oversee public aid in catastrophes like Katrina, and he almost certainly had the wrong person for Secretary of Defense in Donald Rumsfield. He also, in my opinion, has been a rather poor communicator.

But many people who in no way know what is in his heart continuously demonstrate their hatred of him. People who do not understand even the most basic principle of history are claiming to know that his legacy will be unequivocally lousy.

We are not to be judgmental with regard to a president who used the Oval office as an adulterous sex setting, say bleeding heart liberals. But when it comes to President Bush, "Let the shoes fly!" in the manner of the Iraqi simpleton who literally threw his.

Herbert advocates that we end President Bush's term of office with animal howls. The cartoon is an example of the most inferior stance that humans are capable of assuming.

We have so very much potential; let us turn this into good thoughts and good works and begin by eliminating hate and perversity from our behavioral repertoires.

James Ivey,


Bush deserves to be investigated

With reference to Bob Herbert's commentary published in The Gainesville Sun on Jan. 1: I respectfully disagree with his statement that "There should be a great hue and cry a loud, collective angry howl, demonstrations with signs and bullhorns and fiery speeches over the damage he's done to this country."

This regarding the impending departure of the current occupant of the White House.

What meaningful benefit could possibly be accrued by doing so? I believe that cooler heads should prevail, and a civilized, thorough and non-partisan legal investigation into all alleged wrong-doings by the Bush-Cheney-Rove-Rumsfeld-Rice-Wolfowitz-Gonzales-Paulson team be initiated no later than January 20, 2009 so that our faith in democracy can be restored.

M.A. Dashell,


Stop U.S. aid to stop the killing

As I write, a holocaust is raining down on Gaza, funded by our tax dollars. As the major source of weapons and funding to Israel, we are ultimately responsible for the deaths of these children and other innocents.

This slaughter will only serve to make our country even more hated in the rest of the world. It sows the seeds of more attacks against Americans.

End U.S. aid to Israel now. We can't afford it. With our own economy in shambles, we can't afford it financially, and we absolutely cannot afford it morally.

When Israel complies with international law and ends its illegal occupation of Gaza and other Palestinian lands, then we can consider humanitarian aid to those who need it most.

Gabriela Waschewsky,


Gun ownership and responsibility

In response to Lance Lazonby's Dec. 30 letter on gun ownership: I also believe in the constitutionally provided right for citizens to bear arms, or at least to own them. I joined the NRA when I was a teenager.

There is one aspect of the problem, however, which I believe would improve the entire matter of gun ownership and use in America.

I believe gun ownership is a privilege, similar to automobile ownership. I believe that if you want one and can afford to buy it, you should be able to have one.

However, in both cases, I absolutely equate ownership with responsibility and obligation.

If you legally operate a car, you 1) must be over a certain age, 2) have the opportunity to receive operator education, 3)have passed a competency examination which is renewed periodically, and 4) have defined insurance coverage.

Legal gun ownership should also be predicated on those requirements. Anything else invites the stupidity and mayhem we read about daily.

I believe in the informed ownership and rational use of guns. I joined the NRA to learn about them and to participate in its original purpose: competitive rifle target shooting.

In the military, I qualified on several types of weapons, but that was in case I needed to use those weapons for their primary purpose, which is to kill.

I sincerely hope that a new administration which proposes changes will develop definite gun controls which will bring a rational and less hysterical attitude to gun ownership.

John S. Kitts-Turner,


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