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Published: Monday, September 8, 2008 at 11:53 p.m.
Last Modified: Monday, September 8, 2008 at 11:53 p.m.

Thought you might need this address:

5821 San Amaro Drive

Coral Gables, Fla., 33146.

That's where you can send a block of cheese to go with all of the whine that's coming out of the Miami head football coach.

Get a grip, Randy Shannon.

You know what a grip is. That's when you take the hand of the opposing coach and shake it like a man instead of hand-slapping him and running away like you're late for the team charter.

I know, the Florida-Miami game is old news and it's time to look ahead to a great weekend of college football, but Shannon won't let it go. He's complaining about the calls from an SEC crew and Urban Meyer's decision to kick a late field goal.

"Sometimes when you do things and people see what kind of person you really are, you turn a lot of people off," Shannon said Sunday. "Take from that what you want. (The field goal) helped us more than you will ever know."

Shannon might want to take a look at the polls today. I'm sure he hasn't because Miami hasn't been in one in a long time, but if he does look he'll notice that Florida jumped Ohio State into fourth. I don't know if the late field goal had an affect on the pollsters as much as the Buckeyes trailing Ohio University in the fourth quarter did. But 26-3 does look better than 23-3 to voters who didn't see the game.

Which isn't even the point. The idea behind the field goal was to give Florida's young kicker a field goal try before Florida heads on the road.

"I told him I wanted to give him a shot before we go to Knoxville," Meyer said Monday. "He was all jacked up."

Sorry, Randy, if your feelings were hurt because Meyer was trying to help his team. And you might want to explain why you went for a fourth-and-3 with a 45-7 lead and 4:25 remaining in the game the week before against Charleston Southern.

Look, I have no problem with coaches trying to score late points. If the game isn't over, you don't stop playing. And as long as we have this system we have in college football, it does matter what the final score is. Look at Georgia, which dropped a spot in part because it gave up 21 late points to Georgia Southern.

That's the fine line that coaches have to balance. They don't want their starters to get injuries but they also know that you can't win by enough. That's why they get paid the big bucks.

But that's not all Shannon is upset about, He thought there were some bad calls in the game. I agree. The officials missed a Miami block in the back on the Hurricanes' first punt return. Oh, that's not what he's talking about?

No, he's complaining about the Carl Moore catch. I don't blame him. I watched it a dozen times and still don't know if I'd have overturned it.

"That was a turning point," Shannon said. "His body was out of bounds. They said his elbow was inbounds. His whole body was out. You make your own judgment on what it is. The rule is your body is out of bounds, your body is out of bounds. Really you have to get both feet inbounds. That's out of bounds to me. I tried to talk (to the officials about it). They didn't even talk to me about it."

No, because it wasn't their call. It went to the booth. And you don't have to get both feet in bounds in college. Know the rules before you complain.

Shannon also complained about the interference call on Randy Phillips. He claimed it was an uncatchable ball. In real time, I thought it was, too. But I have a DVR. I watched it twice and it was textbook interference. The ball hit Percy Harvin's hand and he had a foot in-bounds. That's a catchable ball.

I asked Meyer on Monday what his reaction was to Shannon's comments and he said, "My response? I learned a long time ago that you don't worry about officials and you don't worry about your opponent. You just worry about getting your team ready to go."

I understand that a coach may react a certain way when his team has battled and battled and finally sees that battle end with a loss to a rival, a hated rival. But once you've had time to digest everything and watch tape, you'd think you'd be a little more rational.

But that's what Miami is trying to sell. Poor little Miami with its young team got cheated by the veteran Gators in their big stadium and then they showed no class and ran up the score.

Well, let's present one more shut-up statistic. Miami started 13 seniors and juniors Saturday night. Florida started 12 sophomores. Florida is the only team in the SEC with no senior starters on defense. Miami started four seniors on defense and eight of its 22 starters were seniors.

The truth is that Florida is a younger team than Miami.

Digest that. Try some cheese with it.

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