College resume not reflected in draft status

Published: Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at 12:00 a.m.

Didn't watch the draft. Check that, I probably watched a good 15 minutes over two days, taking that occasional peek to see who went where. I've made it clear that I think spending your weekend watching the draft ranks right up there with watching a lawn-mowing marathon on the Home and Garden Channel.

The only draft that mattered to me happened when I was 18.

Instead of wasting a beautiful couple of days on the edge of my seat waiting to see what Chris Berman would say next or agonizing over the plight of Brady Quinn (OK, I actually would have enjoyed watching him squirm and then get booted out of the high-picks room), I played in a golf tournament, went to the impressive STOP! Children's Cancer gala, did a lot of yard work and spent an afternoon at the pool.

But all weekends come to an end, so on Monday I took a look at the 2007 NFL Draft in detail because so many people are upset.

Oh, they're angrier than a roomful of Yankees fans down in Miami. Ted Ginn Jr.? When Quinn was on the board?

Miami fans were so upset that they booed new coach Cam Cameron when he walked into the draft party. Miami needed a quarterback. Miami has needed a quarterback since about midway through Dan Marino's final season with the Dolphins. Miami keeps trying quarterbacks who make no sense.

Taking an injured wide receiver instead of a quarterback doesn't make a lot of sense either.

Man, they're mad in Philadelphia. But aren't they always? Not only did the Eagles make a trade to help the hated Cowboys get back into the first round, they drafted Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb much higher than anyone expected.

Boy, they're bristling in Houston. The Texans continued with their philosophy of doing as little as possible to help their quarterbacks. They drafted a wide receiver from Lane (two or four?) on the first day. Poor Matt Schaub. He probably texted David Carr after the draft - "R these guys 4 real?"

Texting is still allowed in the NFL, isn't it?

Gosh, they're grinding teeth in Green Bay. One more year of Brett Favre and both Randy Moss and Darrell Jackson are available for a fourth-round pick and they end up elsewhere? And the draft pick that creates the most buzz in town is Mason Crosby, the place-kicker they picked up in the sixth round?

Finally, they're frustrated at Florida. The Gator Nation is stunned that Brandon Siler lasted until the seventh round and Chris Leak was undrafted.

Get this through your heads, people, what you do in college has very little to do with where you are drafted. It's all about combines and pro days and 40 times and shuttle runs. You're a winner? Doesn't matter. It's not about what you have been but about what you're projected to be.

That's why Quinn, with zero big wins in his Notre Dame career, can be the story of the first day because he dropped like a water balloon but still made a million bucks while Leak, with a national title ring and wins at Knoxville, Baton Rouge and Tallahassee in his career, is a footnote as a free agent signee.

That's why a productive player like Earl Everett can be skipped over for seven rounds while a guy who wouldn't have started if not for the suspension of another player can go in the fourth round (see: Joe Cohen).

That's why a cornerback who had no interceptions in 2006 (Trumaine McBride of Ole Miss) can be selected just 15 picks after a corner who had 10 last season (Ryan Smith of Florida).

The only indication that college does matter came in the first round when 11 SEC players were selected. We all know that the SEC is the best conference in the land and to have a record number of conference players picked tells you how good it was last season.

At the end of the day, a bunch of guys made some bad picks over the weekend and a bunch of guys made some really smart picks. The trouble is that none of those guys knows which line to stand in right now.

And for all those Florida players who are disappointed today, just know this - you're all getting your shot at the NFL. And you're taking rings with you.

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