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Published: Thursday, January 4, 2007 at 11:23 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, January 4, 2007 at 11:23 a.m.
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Two-year-old Tyler Brookes dances in the aisle as a form of praise during the New Year's Eve morning worship service at Victory Temple Church of God in Christ.

AARON DAYE/Special to the Guardian
Members of Victory Temple Church of God in Christ were told on Sunday to expect a complete change in their lives for the better in 2007.
"Look around and tell your neighbor, 'I'm expecting a complete turnaround in 2007," said LaShon Young, the wife of the church's pastor, Rev. Dr. Aaron Young, after she led the praise and worship part of the service.
"Is there anybody in here who have more now than they did in 2005?" she asked. "The devil tried to kill us in 2006, but look at where the lord has us now. After all I've been through, I still got joy."
She then sang a soulful and powerful rendition of, "I Still Got Joy."
Parishioners were clapping their hands, and swaying while singing along. After performing a couple of songs, she told parishioners, "every time I think about where I am now, I think about where the enemy tried to take me.
Praise him every time you think about how good God has been to you."
She then turned the service over to her husband after the combined choir sang a couple of selections. The church is located at 423 SE Williston Road.
"Tell the lord you are grateful, and give Jesus a hand praise," Young said. "Nobody knows the trouble you have been through like you do."
Young told parishioners that they are lucky to be alive because a lot of people died in 2006.
"It's because of God's mercy that you are still here," Young said. "Somebody died on Christmas Day, but God allowed you to wake up, and to get up. You ought to be grateful. It doesn't matter what you didn't get for Christmas, God woke you up this morning.
"This has been a year of deaths. This is the land of the dying. The land of the living is up high."
Young urged parishioners to give God the glory he deserves.
"Stop begging God for so much," Young said. "You know God has been blessing you. Make up an 'I'm grateful list.' I know that ain't the list you want. You want to make another begging list. Parents get sick of begging children.
"They won't even say hey to you, they just start begging the minute they see you. Get on your knees and tell God thank you. Why don't you get on God's good side. If you forget what you want him to give you because you are thanking him so much, he will give you what you need."
Young talked about a blessing the church received on Christmas Eve. He said a man came along and gave bicycles to children in the church, and he gave $10 to each child that didn't receive a bike.
Young told parishioners they are in the process of moving from vision to victory. He said victory occurs when you have been through something and triumphed over it.
"You are not on your way towards a breakthrough, you are on your way towards a breakout," said Young, raising his voice as parishioners stood up and shouted in agreement. "The lord is changing things. This is the last day of 2006, but some of you are going to still be in 2006 in 2008."
Young told parishioners not to dwell on the negative, but to accentuate the positive.
"Your good days outweigh your bad days," he said. "We ain't gone lie to bill collectors in 2007. We are going to call them, and ask them, 'what is the payoff?'"
He then urged parishioners to be patient.
"If you trust in the lord and wait on God, he has something for you," Young said. "The year 2006 was the set up year, but I suggest God is not through."
Young told one parishioner, "Girl, you are going to burst open in 2007. Get ready! That girl is going to be blessed. '06 was the set up year. It's going to be like heaven in '07.
"It's a process. You just don't get a new car or a loan from a bank just like that. You have to go through a process. They have to check you out."
Young told parishioners that if they didn't have anything, that it was a reason for that.
"If you ain't got nothing, you are just full of the devil. Some of us got more than others, but the bank is still open, and God is the head cashier. He is still in the blessing business.
"You got to have faith. I have faith. I'm a water walker. If you follow me, you have to be a water walker. You can't be scared following me."
Faye Stewart said she has been following Young for nine years, and she said she has been blessed since joining Victory Temple.
"This is a Bible-based church," she said. "It's a lot of love here, and he teaches us. God is always here."
Sunday School is at 9:30 a.m., and Morning Worship is at 10:45 a.m. Prayer and Bible study are held on Tuesday at 7 p.m., and Prayer and Praise service is on Thursday at 7 p.m.

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