Here's how you can say goodbye to flat assets

Published: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 at 12:01 a.m.
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Jennifer Lopez, shown here with Richard Gere in the film "Shall We Dance," and her figure have helped make apple bottoms and onion booties - the tiny waists that give way to a sudden burst of roundness - the fashion rage.
There's no question. Firm, voluptuous behinds are in.
Workout DVDs promote "Buns of Steel" and "Yoga Buns." Plus-size retailer Lane Bryant and some other stores have replaced flat-backed mannequins with versions that have more junk in their trunks. And recording artists routinely sing about fabulous fannies.
The Grammy-winning Black Eyed Peas recently hit the charts with "My Hump" and rappers D4L ride high with "Laffy Taffy." (Trust us, they are not singing about sticky candy.) Women can applaud Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez for making apple bottoms and onion booties - the tiny waists that give way to a sudden burst of roundness - the fashion rage.
If you want to be in this clique, check out these five ways to say goodbye to flat assets. Hello, lovely lady lumps:
  • Binikis: This garment promises to do for the backside what the bra does for the front. Attached at the waist, its two leg loops encircle the bottom, smoothing out the backs of the thighs and raising up the rear.
    Darren Rizzo, operations manager for KarinArt Inc., the Costa Mesa, Calif.,-based company that produces the Biniki, says it "adds support and lift for someone who is small or flat. For someone who has a large derriere, it will lift it and round it to give it a bubble butt."
    Enough said. The product runs from small to XL and comes in black, white, beige or nude. Retailing for $29.95, the Biniki can be ordered at Shipping starts at $7.95 . For questions, call (888) 554-5059.
  • Sexy jeans: Do those jeans make your butt look big? Hopefully, the answer is yes. Owning the right pair of jeans can do wonders for the behind. The wrong pair can cause a pancake disaster.
    Like other singers and actors, rapper Nelly has a clothing line. But he pays tribute to big booties with Apple Bottoms, jeans designed for women who want a "badunkadunk" (Missy Elliott's name for a big butt). Jeans range from about $59 to $88 and are available at urban retailers everywhere. To order online, visit
  • Invisible Fanny Panty: These control briefs offer padding to perfect the posterior. The high-cut front leg opening helps avoid panty lines. Made of nylon, spandex and cotton, the fanny panties are available at Fredrick's of Hollywood ( for $26.
  • Personal training: It's one thing to walk five miles on the treadmill or elliptical machine, it's another to have someone guide you toward glorious gluts in one-on-one sessions.
    A more fabulous fanny is possible in the first month of training, if you're willing to eat a balanced diet, do cardiovascular work and weight training, says Dan "The Motivator" Gaddis, a certified personal who practices in Farmington Hills, Mich.
    For beginners, he recommends starting out with 30 minutes of cardio work and doing at least three sets with 10 repetitions of squats, lunges and the stiff-leg dumbbell (squatting while holding a dumbbell). He also believes stretching his clients' entire bodies helps elongate muscles, which lifts the buttocks and promotes a rounder rump.
    Women who want better buttocks can obtain them naturally without gadgets or cosmetic surgery, says Gaddis, who offers training sessions starting at $50, depending on whether clients want to work out at his studio or want home visits.
    "It takes time, and it's all about sacrifice," he says. "But I believe everything can be built or gotten rid of through weight training."
  • Cosmetic surgery: After you've tried the rest, Dr. Michael W. Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa in West Bloomfield Township, Mich., says you should try cosmetic surgery to enhance the buttocks. He offers two methods: the Brazilian Butt Lift and liposuction.
    "Life is too short," Gray says. "Why not be happy? These are the most common procedures in the world." Gray insists spending time on a treadmill in the gym reduces fat over the entire body, especially in the face and breasts, but won't help much in enhancing one particular spot such as the fanny.
    Cosmetic surgery helps accentuate a flat, flabby or shapeless butt most, he says. For the Brazilian Butt Lift, Gray uses liposuction to remove unwanted fat from the arms, legs or abdomen and adds it to the buttocks with a series of injections done six weeks apart.
    For shapelier butts, Gray uses liposuction to reduce fat on the hips and outer thigh areas, enhancing the buttock. With both options, women can return to normal activity immediately after surgery with no down time, he says. The procedures have a similar sensation to muscle soreness after a diligent workout.
    A Brazilian Butt Lift costs about $1,400 and includes two injections. Liposuction costs $1,600 per area, such as abdomen, thighs or hips.
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