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Published: Thursday, January 5, 2006 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, January 4, 2006 at 9:35 p.m.
I am NOT going to start this column riffing on New Year's resolutions. I am NOT going to discuss fake hopes and optimistic fortune-telling regarding the next 365 days of local music. I am NOT going to say, "2006 will be the best year ever!" I am not going to say these things because you and I know each other better than that, and we don't need smokescreens anymore.
Let's be brutally honest. Does my taste in music even begin to sync up with yours? Some of you are saying, "Of course not, that's why I have my wife read it out loud so she can filter out all the parts I don't like. Which is all of it, wise guy." Others are saying, "You gonna let that guy talk to you like that, Holmes?" and still others are saying, "Well, give me a decent example of what you dig, my man, and maybe we can solve this once and for all."
OK, I says, how's about a bit of instrumental craziness that can range from lounge piano to radio static to classic Rush and Yes and then head on over to some Beefheartian blues-skronk? That's my palate, plain and simple. Brainiac mixed with Cheer Accident mixed with Cerberus Shoal mixed with the Shaggs? Yes, please.
So, if this sounds like it might appeal to you, too, then I highly suggest you head out to Wayward Council, 807 W. University Ave., on Friday and check out Capillary Action. In addition, Cara del Gato, pet monument, Fake Problems and Snare and a Chair are also playing, so a good time is nigh guaranteed.
Seriously, I'm recommending this one. But, hey, you want a bit of variety, the chance to weigh your options? Fine, says I. How's about some Holidaysburg, Chicken Luv and DblWiDE at the Side Bar, 15 SW 2nd St., on Friday? Steel-toed boots or cowboy boots, it's a tough decision on this one.
Not quite sure how to give you much info on this one, but if you're inclined, Jack Williams will be doing a house concert out by Bivens Lake. If that sounds like your thing, send an e-mail to for more info.
As for Saturday, Eddie C's, 1315 S. Main St., will have A Shameful Display, Suicide Clutch, DUMMO, Luke Stephens and Dirty Hammock throwing some acoustic guitars around and having a grand time. Hearts on sleeves for this one, please.
Over at the Atlantic, 15 N. Main St., Electronic SubSouth will be doing their thing on Saturday with Yip Yip, Girls on Film, Johan Ess and Zom Zoms. You should be able to tell by the names alone what this show will have in store. If you can catch Mr. Spagandy with a butterfly net, I will give you a high five.
As for Saturday at the Side Bar, pussywillow, papercranes and Colored Paper Fantasies will be floating on clouds and shooting rainbow laser pistols all over the place, as well as flaunting their blatant disregard for grammar and the English language. Shame on them.
Also on Saturday, the next installment of the Farm to Family outdoor show will take place, and they've moved into daylight hours this time around. Music will run from 2 to 6 p.m. and a pickin' and grinnin' jam will take place immediately afterward. I've also heard rumors of a drum circle, and as always, the bonfire and vending café will be in full force.
And looking at next week, Fick, Honor Amongst Thieves, Prior Life and Feedback Forever will rock out and do some backflips at Eddie C's on Wednesday. Think you can out-backflip a backflipper? Get out there and try it then, tough guy.
Finally, the Phillips Center will have the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on Wednesday, and I'm fairly sure that tuxedos will not be a requirement. Good taste? Quite possibly.
Support local music to fight toenail fungus.
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Brainiac mixed with Cheer Accident mixed with Cerberus Shoal mixed with the Shaggs? Yes, please.

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