Say Aloha and some goodbyes

Aloha, above, joins Cex and the Weather Monday at Common Grounds.

Courtesy of Aloha
Published: Thursday, January 20, 2005 at 10:34 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, January 20, 2005 at 10:34 a.m.
Insert your own clever banter, witty obscurantism and flowery exposition here because I don't have the room; there are just too many shows afoot.
There's a great show on Monday at Common Grounds, 210 SW 2nd Ave., in the form of Cex, Aloha and the Weather. Cex is perhaps best known for confounding fans by playing old-school hip-hop one second and dreamy IDM electro the next. Although his MC'ing might be an acquired taste, it's an interesting one, nonetheless.
Much like our own Mercury Program, Aloha has received inordinate amounts of attention for their use of vibraphone and marimba.
Surrounding that, however, are layered arrangements that straddle accessibility and aural complexity. Recently, they've filled their songs with surprisingly hooky choruses, which means you'll either find them easier to digest or more shallow, depending on your orientation. Either way, you should find plenty to like.
  • n n Also on Monday, the Atlantic, 15 N. Main St., will have modern rockers Jimmie's Chicken Shack, touring with Copper and supported by locals One Pump Chump and Hollywood Beach Brian. The Chicken Shack might be best known for their one-time radio hit "High," but the band toured steadily since then, so the show should be energetic and polished.
  • n n As for Saturday, Common Grounds will have Florida swamp superheroes Mofro with Orlando's Legendary JC's. Mofro's first album received a lot of attention, but I think their new album, "Lochloosa," will get even more; the duo's patented blend of rootsy blues and funk is more capably tempered with a strong soul and traditional R&B presence. J.J. Grey's vocals actually convey the lazy, pained highs that were only hinted at the first time around. Time on the road to marinate has done these boys good, so don't miss this one. Recommended.
  • n n Jumping over to tonight, Eddie C's, 1315 N. Main St., will host Appetite For Destruction, a Guns N' Roses tribute band. The last time these guys were here, they simply blew everyone away, so don't miss this one. Because the band Billy Reese Peters is also on the bill, sweat, beer and decadence shall be the norm for the night.
  • n n Sticking with Thursday, the Orange and Brew on campus will continue the trend of free shows with March To May, Morningbell and the great Ramones cover band, the Fauxmones. Get out there to show everyone that you dig free music.
  • n n More free music, but on a Saturday, you say? OK, I say.
    More Eastern European goodness for dancing in weird time signatures, you say? Here you go, says I.
    More info on woefully underappreciated music, you say?
    "Fine, listen up," I go, and then I'm all, "How about some 24th Street Klezmer Band doing their thing at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1521 NW 34th St.?" And you're all, "Klezmer?" And so I sez, "Y'know, clarinets and speedy rhythms with Yiddish chunks o' fun."
    To which you respond, "Oh. Sounds good." And I'm like, "Yup. 'Tis."
  • n n It pains me greatly to report that Dear and Glorious Physician will play their CD release show - which also happens to be their LAST show - at Common Grounds on Tuesday. Get out there to place your trembling paws on a true piece of local yum-yum and be sure to bid two of their members a fond adieu as they journey abroad. Seriously, don't miss this one.
  • n n And it appears this whole last-show thing might be contagious, as Friday will be the final resting place for Gville's seminal Big Sky. As is the case with all the local big-name pop acts, the severely nice guys of the Sky are both loved and hated (which is unfairly fair and fairly unfair, on both counts). Nonetheless, they're hanging up their hats, giving up the ghost and taking the big dirt nap after nearly a decade.
    Come say goodbye and also say hi to Gville expatriates bloom., Birdie (featuring Jared Flamm of yet another long-time local band, Noah's Red Tattoo) and Slack Season. Those of you who have been in town for a while understand what a big show this is. Those of you who haven't should get off the sofa and find out why.
    Officially, Big Sky's final, for-real-this-time last show is Saturday at Gator City with Florida's Spider Monkey opening.
    Adios, muchachos.
  • n n There are quite a few opportunities to get your folk on this week.
    Over at the Shamrock, 1017 W. University Ave., Maria Carter will be playing with her relatively new band redboy. Word has it they're somewhere between Indigo Girls and Nirvana. Also on the bill and playing acoustic for this show are Tragedy of Giving and DC North.
    Coffee Culture, 2020 NW 13th St., will host Edy Richman on Thursday. Richman has been making the rounds in various festivals and out-of-the-way spots for a bit now, so grab a java and check her out.
    Out in McIntosh, The McIntosh CafŽ, 5590 Avenue G, will play nice-nice with nationally touring folksinger Jack Williams.
  • n n Lastly, I must let you know about Shamrock McShane's play at the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre, 619 S. Main St., playing Thursdays through Saturdays until Jan. 29. Titled "The Votive Pit" and inspired by McShane's experiences shepherding middle-schoolers through our public educational system (the man must be crazy), the play also features original music by one-time local legend Tom Miller. This is a great example of artistic cross-pollination, so show 'em that you care and have a great time whilst doing so.
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