Scrawled on the green bar flyer

Published: Friday, January 14, 2005 at 7:24 p.m.
Last Modified: Friday, January 14, 2005 at 7:24 p.m.

[The pre-show speaker music was.]

Such strange esoteric mumblings from the speaker box. Is this a new Beat era? The cyclical experimentation in the arts, both confusing and amazing the few around to be inspired by its passing to create a new Renaissance.

The music "cycle" isn't linear. These chattering helmet-hair's all over the t.v. and radio with Idols and Buzz-ing little worker bees only force out an empty box product. They can't predict or hope to know when the next, real "big thing" will come. Our generation has only had a couple big things, and we want another.

[Rob Mcgregor was.]

A look. Like a redneck townie or slightly confused dork.

Golden voice. Some edge, Southwestern, love song, comedy-country on masturbation. I'm entertained. The initial impression wasn't far off. Just there. I think he would play if the place was empty. Quietly nervous while having fun. Art for the sake of art.

After a while at this kind of performance, the music loses importance to the performance. Not a performance at all, rather, it is the making of music, live.

Special thanks for not being another whiny-voiced kid with an acoustic.

[Ninja Gun was.]

This is what I came to see? Somewhere, someone said this was something worth seeing. Must remember to sick dogs on whoever that was. Hackneyed pop 4/4 crap.

What a horrid concoction with psuedo-country riffs, '94 mid-grade-punk voices. They rock so hard at sucking. Like a possessed Harvey Danger on heroin.

Get off the stage. There's 100 people in here and only 2 are even shaking their legs in the white boy, lower-lip-bite get-down fashion so unenthused we all know they can't possibly be enjoying this.

Did they just steal Vaseline by STP?

[Unitas was.]

We've got old people from LTJ, a HTW bassist, W&Co., and.yeah.the bouncer. I like.

I look and listen and it doesn't take long. They're second fiddle. The one who does a thing well, but easily passed over for #1. Mudhoney quality. Just off in one or two things from hitting perfect balance, but falling short, and to their credit. Who needs perfect?

Got the speed and some sass. Nice trick there, guitar guy. I'm sold. Which is good, because I'm outta here.


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