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Published: Thursday, April 1, 2004 at 4:05 p.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, April 1, 2004 at 4:05 p.m.

I think online dating is a sorry way to get a date. I picture a pimply,

scrawny nerd sitting at his computer sending a built Brad Pitt lookalike picture to an unexpecting victimon the other end of an instant message.

Internet dating is ridiculous. People are too lazy to get off their

computers and enter the outside world to find a date. Is it that they are afraid of rejection by their looks? Probably.

Is it becausethe only physical thing they like to do is type? Probably.

Online dating doesn't allow for the natural chemistry between two

people that needs to take place in order for a relationship to build intimately. Rather, it masks who a person really is by a certain font/typing style and a most likely made up profile.

This profile is closer to who this person wishes they could be rather than who they really are.

Talking on the internet is so different than having a real conversation

in person. There are no sound reassurances or body language signs which make up who a person really is.

I talk to my boyfriend online occasionally when we are not with each

other; however, if I were to have known him strictly from the Internet, I would not be dating him right now because of his lack of communication skills through the Internet.

People should get off their asses, out of their houses and enjoy life

from the outside. Is it really that hard to pick up a new hobby, join an intramural sport, hang out at a coffee shop, go watch a baseball game or go downtown to meet someone?

Some people, however, claim they can have great relationships via

the World Wide Web. They can get to know each other by their personalities and what they are all about without the physical aspects coming into play.

They say stereotypes and physical appearance inhibit some relationships from forming but through the Internet, everyone starts out on the same page.

Places such as webdate.com and eharmony.com feature profiles with an option of pictures where potential mates can select who they want to talk to.

With online dating, you have to deal with honesty and trust issues

because you never know if that person on the other end is who they say they really are.

So, what do UF students have to say about this type of relationship?

"I started talking to a guy on the internet from my hometown that I

didn't know. Turns out he had sex with a bunch of sluts at my old school."

"I had an online relationship for six months and the guy told me he

loved me. I freaked out and blocked him from my buddy list."

"I wanted to find someone who was a fan of baseball because I play

baseball. I started chatting with this girl and she seemed really cool. When she sent me her picture I almost had a heart attack. Let's just say she wasn't even close to being my type."

"I met my boyfriend on-line and we have been together for four months."

"I was a junior in high school and I met this guy on-line and turns out

his parents went to my parents' wedding because he lives where my parents grew up. We met over Spring Break and we are now best friends. We would be together if it wasn't for the distance."

"If you can use the internet to buy cars or even groceries, why not to

find a date?"

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