You got served the big bounce but got a perfect score

Published: Thursday, January 29, 2004 at 5:10 p.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, January 29, 2004 at 5:10 p.m.

Last week Ashton Kutcher's The Butterfly Effect fluttered to first place at the box office, but Topher Grace's Win a Tad Hamilton won a respectable third place (after Along Came Polly and above Big Fish).

This week, kids our age are in luck because all the movies to be released this weekend will be vying for our generation's demographic.

You Got Served

The Stars: Omarion (or B2K) and Marques Houston (of IMX).

The Lowdown: Two best friends fight with their crew to win a street dance tourney, but the fresh competition threatens to stifle their dream of opening up a recording studio.

Judging solely by the trailer, You Got Served looks like a 90-minute music video. The title alone was slightly misleading to me (a.k.a. Miss White Girl America). I incorrectly assumed it was a comedy along the lines of the foul Liz Hurley/Matthew Perry

comedy Serving Sara. Anyway, the movie is sure to have a booty-shakin' soundtrack.

All in all, if you likeed Drumline, you'll probably enjoy Served.

The Perfect Score

The Stars: Erika Christensen and Scarlett Johansson

The Lowdown: Seven high school strangers become cohorts to steal answers to the

SATs. But then the kids wonder: does a perfect score = a perfect life?

If you liked Cheaters, you'll probably like Score, which is being released by MTV.

This movie looks to be the best of the bunch this week. The kids pull out all the stops to steal the answers and cheat and that will be super cool to watch, but parts of the trailer reminded me of the Spy Kids trilogy and the upcoming Catch That Kid. Actresses Christensen and Johansson are both performers of acclaim (Traffic and Lost in Translation, respectively), and their talents could compensate for any storyline flaws.

Previous MTV-produced movies (ones that saw a

theatrical debut) include Better Luck Tomorrow (which also had a cheating theme), Joe's Apartment and The Real Cancun.

The Big Bounce

The Stars: Owen Wilson, Gary Sinise, Willie Nelson, Charlie Sheen and Morgan Freeman

The Lowdown: Sounds like Ocean's 11, but set in Hawaii. A drifter (Wilson) falls in love and subsequently wrapped up in a plot to steal $200 G's, but his conscience nags him to contemplate choosing honor over cash. This was based on Elmore Leonard's novel (he also wrote the novel versions of Out of Sight, Get Shorty and Jackie Brown), which I suggest you read instead of seeing this movie if you are interested in the premise; this movie's reviews have not been favorable. But Gigli it ain't, so you could take your chances.

With that said, if none of these films interest you (what can I say, it's January), I suggest heading to the theater anyway, because Mystic River has returned to the box office. And if you haven't seen it, you are far overdue, my friend. Sean Penn (who on Sunday won a Golden Globe for his performance) is great, and his acting alone is worth the ticket price.

Next week: Miracle, Barbershop 2: Back in Business & Catch That Kid.

Trailers of aforementioned films

The Perfect Score:

You Got Served:

The Big Bounce:

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