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Published: Tuesday, January 13, 2004 at 10:45 a.m.
Last Modified: Tuesday, January 13, 2004 at 10:45 a.m.

Official Commitments:

Mike Mangold

Phil Trautwein

Brandon Siler

Dawayne Grace

Jason Watkins

McIntosh Nicolas

Tate Casey

Jim Tartt

Drew Miller

Brandon Daniel

Kyle Jackson

Markus Manson

Tony Joiner

Jeremy Mincey

Markell Thompson


Cornelius Ingram- Hawthorne, FL- 4-5 star, 6'4/195/4.6, high interest/we lead, offered. Would also look to play hoops for Billy, he was All State as a SG. To update this some, I just read that Ingram has named us his leader. Ingram has told Zook and co that if he is needed at another position he will happily move. The kind of kid we need to recruit more of! One has to feel confident with Zook AND Donovan recruiting Cornelius.

Xavier Lee- Daytona Beach, FL- 4-5 star, 6'3/210/4.55, low interest, offered. Most likely a Nole, but stranger things have happened. TruFloridaGator just told me Thad Busby is Lee's HS QB coach. Guess its pretty much a done deal with that in mind.


Markus Manson- Tuscaloosa, AL- 4 star, 6'/190/4.35, committed. Can absolutely fly, would be a dangerous weapon out of the backfield with speed unlike anyone we have. He is supposed to be at the Cocktail Party on the Gator's side and that'd be a nice sign.

David Holbert- Brentwood, TN- 4 star, 6'1/230/4.5, medium interest, offered. Holbert is a powerful fullback (benching 320 and squating 520) that also has good speed at 4.5.


Markell Thompson- 3 star JUCO TE, 6'7/260/4.8, committed, offered.

A huge target with soft hands and good quickness. Can come in and compete immediately for the starting spot with Troupe graduating.

Tate Casey- Longview, TX- 3 star, 6'7/225/4.7, committed. Big time tight end prospect with great size and good hands and speed.


Derrick McPhearson- Hyattsville, MD- 4 star, 6'1/185/4.4, medium interest, offered. He is from Maryland's backyard and will be tough to pull from them. Locksley is the only reason we're in this one IMO.


Jim Tartt- Crawfordville, FL- 4 star, 6'3/315/5.4, committed. A very strong interior linemen that should help greatly improve the run blocking.

Drew Miller- Sarasota, FL- 4 star, 6'5/300/5.4, committed. One of the top offensive line prospects in the entire nation.

Jason Watkins- Lakeland, FL- 3 star, 6'9/287/5, committed. Great pass blocker, should become an even better run blocker when he fills out.

Phil Trautwein- Voorhees, NJ- 3 star, 6'6/290/5.3, committed.

Big time OT that has not allowed a sack in over 2 years.

Akeem Robinson- Miami, FL- 2 star, 6'5/270/4.7, medium interest, not yet offered. Robinson visits UF at the end of January. If he receives an offer, the Gator could likely get the commitment right there.


Franklin Okam- Dallas, TX- 5 star, 6'5/312/4.9, medium interest, offered. Okam would be a huge steal from the state of Texas. Right now, it looks like he'll possibly stay in-state.

Corey Mills- Memphis, TN- 3 star, 6'4/260/4.8, medium interest, offered. Supet Athletic DT prospect that can be a lot like Ray McDonald for UF. It could come down to UF and Memphis for Corey.

Brandon Daniel- Pompano Beach, FL- 2star, 6'4/260/4.8, medium interest, offered. An underrated playmaker on the DL that the Gators will be a real factor for.


Derrick Harvey- Greenbelt, MD- 5 star, 6'5/225/4.65, medium to high interest, offered. Number 1 DE prospect in the nation. He has scheduled his last visit for Gainesville and I like the chance it gives us with him. We are also high on his high school teammate and big time DT prospect Jared Gaither.

Mike Mangold- Merritt Island, FL- 4 star, 6'3/243/4.65, committed. Very talented pass rusher with a motor that doesn't stop. Draws comparisons to David Pollack.

Jeremy Mincey- El Dorado, KS - 4 star JUCO, 6'3/255/4.5, Committed. If he doesn't graduate in Dec, UF will pull his scollie but, He's a Gator and it looks like he'll stay that way. Zook & Co, are having to fight off Lou Holtz for him as well as a few others.


Josh Johnson- Stone Mountain, GA (same HS as Michael Grant)- 4 star, 6'2/225/4.55, high interest/co lead, offered. Johnson has had some great things to say about UF. He has also said that the depth chart at UF is the most favorable for him of his 3 favorites. UGA is 2 deep with guys that will be around for a couple of years at the position they are recruiting him for. Miami needs linebackers too, but they are not on teammate Michael Grant's short list and the two have said they want to go to the same school. Johnson has said he has no issue with leaving GA and not going to UGA.

Brandon Siler- Orlando, FL- 4 star, 6'2/220/4.45, committed.

Siler is fast and strong and hits hard. He is also a sure tackler and good hands and is a real threat to intercept passes. He is around the ball a lot and plays sideline to sideline. Also came into his senior year boasting a 4.2 GPA.

Javier Estopinan- Miami, FL 4 star, 6'3/240/4.65, high interest/we lead, offered. Real nice MLB prospect. UF has positioned itself well in his recruitment.

Lawrence Timmons- Florence, SC- 4 star, 6'1/220/4.5, high interest/co lead, offered. Wants out of South Carolina, likes UF a lot. I feel like we'll get him. Timmons continues to officially cycle through leaders between UF, F$U and Tennessee, but our situation for him is a strong one.

James Bryant- Reading, PA- 4 star, 6'3/240/4.5, medium interest, offered. We recently offered and jumped right into the heart of his recruiting. Miami doesn't seem to be actively recruiting Bryant, which could prove helpful for us.

Willie Williams- Miami, FL- 5 star, 6'2.5/230/4.5, medium interest, offered. Number 2 LB in America now lists his favorites as Miami, F$U and OU with us just outside that. Williams is by far Miami's to lose, but if he visits Gainesville in late January... who knows?

Robert Ayers- Bennettsville, SC- 4 star, 6'4/227/4.5, medium interest, offered. Ayers is again a factor in recruiting for the Gators. There is no denying the talent that Robert possesses. With the proper attitude and determination, he can be a force at the next level.


Kyle Jackson- Neptune Beach, FL- 4 star, 6'1/176/4.5, committed, offered. One of the top safeties in America. A lifelong Gator will get to live his dream in the Orange and Blue. Big time hitter with great hands also.

Tony Joiner- Haines City, FL- 4 star, 6'/175/4.6, committed, offered. Joiner is one of the top athletes from Polk County. A very good safety prospect, has nice hands and will be a legit threat to grab some interceptions.


McIntosh Nicholas- Immokalee, FL- 4 star, 6'3/180/4.3, committed. Very fast, big cover corner. Fastest prospect in the Nation this year.

Dawayne Grace- Jacksonville, FL- 3 star, 6'1/172/4.4, committed.

Tall, fast, athletic corner with great playmaking ability and good hands. Will reunite with former high school teammate Dee Webb at Florida.

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