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Published: Monday, January 5, 2004 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, January 5, 2004 at 1:12 a.m.

Every day I am surprised by some new thing or idea. Today (Dec. 31), I am very surprised that I do not agree with every word written on The Sun editorial pages. I take exception to the calling out of Howard Dean, as a man who keeps many secrets.

First, regarding our Florida "Government in the Sunshine," I want to say that the sun does not always shine bright on the citizens, while the light in closed door sessions in Tallahassee must be blinding. In North Central Florida, we may not see or hear the strategic planning of the "Council of 100," selected by Jeb Bush. However, when the doors are finally opened, we discover that conservative businessmen want to take water from us to supply water for new construction, golf courses, lawns and farms in South Florida, rather than tighten their belts and make environmental changes that might inconvenience someone down there.

Second, executive power to hide records by politicians now seems the norm. Remember the outrage when G.W. Bush sealed papers from his past, his dad's past, and hid these records for decades to come? Maybe Howard Dean has other fish to fry than to have the media feeding in frenzy over every scrap of past history concerning his tenure as governor. Vermont elected Dean over and over. Doesn't this speak volumes, far louder than the Johnny-come-lately investigations into every deed in Dean's past; every quirk of his smile, every roll of his shirt sleeves?

Where is the outrage about Bush vacationing and campaigning when he could be honoring the war wounded and dead by home visits and/or attending some funerals? In Dean, we have a strong Democratic candidate who is working tirelessly to give the American people a choice. Trying to even the playing field by making Dean a liar doesn't serve any purpose.

The media has effectively crowned George W. Bush "King of a Second Term," but he stands naked amid his transparent dirty deals that are too many to name, so outrageous that GOP seems to have stopped even trying to cover up all of them. Yes, the Emperor has no clothes, and that is no secret. We must take our chance in 2004 to redefine the direction of America as it relates to the other people, plants and animals on planet Earth. Dean gives us hope for this in the coming year.

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