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Published: Saturday, January 3, 2004 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Friday, January 2, 2004 at 11:25 p.m.

We taxpayers need to stage another Boston Tea Party. Government is looking for more ways to take our hard-earned income to pay for a bloated federal budget, pay off our massive debt and support its colossal growth at all levels.

We allow American companies to export jobs overseas. We have allowed America to become the world's consumers when we used to be the world's producers. We allow gross over-regulation of the law-abiding to pay for those who do not.

We allow a massive entitlement system to drain the lifeblood out of those of us who work and pull our own weight. We constantly pay for others' life choices. Hard-working people are going bankrupt over medical bills, while the recipients of entitlement programs get it all free.

The Kennedy Homes resident will get little sympathy from me when she's standing with three young children around her legs and a newborn in her arms, complaining about the subsidized housing, food stamps, monthly check and medical care she is getting.

And how can County Commissioner Cynthia Chestnut ask us taxpayers to give more for health care? Why not use some of the money we already provide to mount a massive campaign to teach civic responsibility?

We now cannot receive Social Security benefits until age 67. Studies have shown that the average American could retire at the age of 45 if it weren't for the massive, runaway entitlement programs.

And now, we are paying for nation building for people all over the world. Our ancestors paid dearly for our freedom, and now we are being asked to pay for others' freedom?

So, what are we paying for? College educations, medical care and monthly assistance to illegal immigrants, the undeserving, vulgar overspending by all levels of government, schools teaching skills that parents have abdicated the responsibility of teaching to their own children, schools entirely dedicated to truants, misbehavers, etc.

It's high time we remember exactly what government is supposed to do, which is not to support its citizens from cradle to grave.

Stop asking us to pay for everyone else. Stop burdening those of us who do follow the rules of society with the costs of supporting those who will not.

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