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Published: Monday, January 20, 2003 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Sunday, January 19, 2003 at 11:04 p.m.

Small business info

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Weapons effects are excellent in Digital Extremes' "Unreal Championship."

The Associated Press

If 2003 is the year that you'll finally launch your own business, don't do so without consulting's collection of articles written specifically for today's small-business owner.

Get that gig

You're looking for a job but you want to stay away from those of the ''sitting in a cubicle'' variety. Check out for listings of jobs that appeal to today's more adventurous demographic.

Call for help

Tech TV offers advice for both PC and Mac users on its Web site at For some especially helpful words of wisdom, scroll down to the ''Top Tips of the Week.''

'Unreal Championship' has plenty of guns

Fast-paced action, dazzling weapons and a variety of play modes make ''Unreal Championship'' one of the best pure shooters on the shelf for the Xbox.

Plot? There really isn't one. But who needs a plot when the next enemy is just a footstep away - and he's armed with a rocket launcher aimed right at you, with his finger on the trigger?

''Unreal Championship'' comes to us from Digital Extremes and Infogrames as a follow to one of my favorite shooters, ''Unreal Tournament.'' The game supports online play, which should be spectacular.

Playing turns you into a futuristic Roman gladiator, with vast coliseums in which you are pursued by enemies as heavily armed as you are. Death comes, not after an emperor's thumbs-down or in a lion's jaws, but in a hail of bullets, a bolt of crackling electricity or the blast of a homing rocket.

There's a new twist to the game. So-called ''mutators'' allow you to do a variety of nifty things, like draining your opponent's life to refill your own, giving yourself a big head (literally), modifying your Shock rifle for instant killing power or trading weapons, all with the touch of a button.

''Unreal Championship'' has plenty of action, lots of noise and excitement and a minimum of exhausted brain cells. It's a great choice for an afternoon of mindless fun.

- William Schiffmann

The Associated Press

Write the Web is filled with insightful essays about the World Wide Web of the past, present and future. Billing itself as ''News for Web users that write back,'' the site also has an active forum.

People search

Yahoo! has made a few improvements to its people search engine (, so if you still haven't found that kid who used to steal your lunch money in fourth grade, give it another shot.

Scrolling Google results

Get Google search results in a scrolling format. This is meant for the person whose fingers are too underdeveloped to drag the mouse downward. To think that at one time, people actually had to go to the library to do research. Check it out at

Broker list

Are you finally ready to dabble in the stock market? Check out's list of online brokers at; a quick read will help get you started on the road to millions -- or the path to self-destruction.

Pig Latin Google

OK, we can't be too hard on the Google people. After all, they created a search engine that's written in pig Latin. And we have to admit that it's ettypray oolcay.


Computer users dealing with a bad Apple can get some free help from Filled with easy tutorials and helpful tips, this site can put a smile on the face of even the most disgruntled Mac enthusiast.

PC Pitstop

Back your PC up to for a quick checkup of your computer. Among other things, the site determines your available RAM, scans for potential system viruses and checks for necessary software updates.

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