School lunch menus

Published: Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 at 10:31 p.m.


(All meals include choice of milk. Menus are subject to change due to availability of certain food items. Lunches are available online at
  • ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS (Breakfast menus, in parentheses, also include choice of juice.)
    MONDAY, Jan. 20: Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday; school holiday.
    TUESDAY, Jan. 21: (French toast w/jelly) Hot dog or corndog or egg salad on lettuce w/crackers, vegetable, fruit.
    WEDNESDAY, Jan. 22: (Waffles w/syrup) Grilled ham and cheese sandwich w/baked beans or soup or chef's salad w/crackers, fruit cup.
    THURSDAY, Jan. 23: (Sausage patty) Spaghetti w/meat sauce and garlic bread (chili and rice) or turkey sandwich, vegetable or tossed salad, canned fruit.
    FRIDAY, Jan. 24: Pupil holiday; no school.
  • MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOLS TUESDAY: (Pancake pup w/syrup) Salisbury steak w/gravy and roll or hoagie, vegetable, tossed salad, brownie.
    WEDNESDAY: (Sausage patty, biscuit w/jelly) Chicken and rice w/roll or hamburger, vegetable, fresh fruit.
    THURSDAY: (Cheese stick w/poptart or donut or oatmeal w/toast) Manager's choice or turkey and cheese sandwich, vegetable or tossed salad, mixed fruit cup.


    TUESDAY: Hamburger gravy, mashed potatoes, green peas, biscuit.
    WEDNESDAY: Chicken gumbo, peanut butter sandwich, fruit.
    THURSDAY: Sliced turkey w/gravy, rice, green beans, fruit, roll.
    FRIDAY: Chili, corn chips and cheese, tossed salad, juice.


    (Breakfast menus in parentheses. Pizza, hamburger or chicken on bun available as alternate menu selections daily. High school entrée in parentheses.)
    TUESDAY: (Fruit muffin w/toast) Chicken nuggets or beef-a-roni, mixed vegetables, fresh-baked roll, mixed fruit.
    WEDNESDAY: (Sausage patty w/biscuit) Beefy nachos or corndog, seasoned corn, rosy pears, cake w/icing.
    THURSDAY: (French toast w/syrup) Beef and bean chili or chicken salad w/lettuce and tomato and crackers, cinnamon roll w/icing, fresh fruit.
    FRIDAY: (Sausage in pancake) Baked ham or Salisbury steak w/gravy, mashed potatoes, fresh-baked roll, fruit cup.


    (Dixie County Middle and Anderson and Old Town elementary students have the following menus; the high school has the main menu plus a daily choice of pizza, sandwich, salad bar, fresh fruit and dessert. Breakfast menus, which include choice of assorted cereal and peanut butter on toast, in parentheses.)
    TUESDAY: (Pancakes w/syrup) Baked ham or meatloaf, rice w/gravy, steamed cabbage, cornbread.
    WEDNESDAY: (Cheese toast) Lasagna w/hot roll or chicken salad w/bread, tossed salad, fruit or juice.
    THURSDAY: (Grits and eggs w/link sausage and toast, applesauce) Cheeseburger or corndog, tater tots, strawberry shortcake w/whipped topping.
    FRIDAY: (Ham and cheese biscuit, juice) Pizza or manager's choice, french fries, fruit or juice.


    (Breakfast menus, in parentheses, include juice and additional choice of cereal, toast. Alternate lunch entree for middle and high school students in parentheses.)
    TUESDAY: (Honey bun) Vegetable beef soup, toasted ham and cheese sandwich (deli turkey sandwich), fresh vegetable cup, applesauce, chocolate chip cookie.
    WEDNESDAY: (Cheese grits) Baked ham (meatball sub), sweet potatoes, great northern beans, cornmeal yeast roll, lime gelatin w/pears.
    THURSDAY: (Pancakes w/syrup) Chicken fajitas (salad and potato bar), Spanish rice, pinto beans, cinnamon apples, Snickerdoodle cookie.
    FRIDAY: (Ham and cheese biscuit) Double cheeseburger, oven-fried potatoes, fresh orange, peanut butter bar.


  • ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Breakfast menus, which include juice, for elementary students in parentheses.)
    TUESDAY: (Cereal, graham cracker) Hamburger, french fries, lettuce and dill chips, pears.
    WEDNESDAY: (Super donut) Hamburger casserole, green beans, roll, fruit cup.
    THURSDAY: (Cheese grits) Turkey salad sandwich, french fries, peaches.
    FRIDAY: (Cereal, graham crackers) Pizza, buttered corn, broccoli w/cheese sauce.
  • HIGH SCHOOL (Alternate menu items in parentheses.) TUESDAY: Chicken sandwich (barbecue chicken sandwich), french fries, lettuce and dill chips, applesauce, sweet potato pudding.
    WEDNESDAY: Fried or baked chicken (sliced turkey), rice w/gravy, green beans, roll, pineapple.
    THURSDAY: Pizza (chicken salad w/crackers), baked potato, broccoli w/cheese sauce, peaches, cookies.
    FRIDAY: Taco (burrito), buttered corn, sliced apples, Congo bar.


    TUESDAY: Cheeseburger, oven fries, assorted fruit.
    WEDNESDAY: Macaroni and cheese w/ham, mixed vegetables, tossed salad, fruit gelatin, hot roll.
    THURSDAY: Chili con carne w/crackers, tossed salad, buttered corn, fruit crisp.
    FRIDAY: Corndog, coleslaw, tater tots, orange slices.


    TUESDAY: Meatloaf w/gravy or chicken a la king (black-eye peas and rice), mashed potatoes, mixed fruit.
    WEDNESDAY: Pizza or grilled ham and cheese sandwich (grilled cheese sandwich), black beans, applesauce.
    THURSDAY: Macaroni, ham and cheese sandwich or meatball sub (veggie burger), corn, pears.
    FRIDAY: Teacher workday; no school.


    (Breakfast menus include a choice of cereal and toast. Students can choose two of a variety of side dishes following the entree each day, including fresh baby carrots.)
    TUESDAY: (Ham and cheese biscuit, proballs) Chicken patty sandwich or ravioli w/bread stick (pizza), seasoned corn, steamed broccoli florets, fruit.
    WEDNESDAY: (Muffin, scrambled eggs w/grits) Barbecue chicken w/cornbread or pizza (chef's salad), beans and rice, seasoned greens, fruit, birthday cupcake.
    THURSDAY: (Oatmeal or pizza half) Chili cheese nachos or chicken nuggets w/honey wheat roll, baked potato, seasoned veggie blend, fruit, cinnamon roll.
    FRIDAY: (Danish or breakfast pocket) Nachos w/cheese or hamburger or cheeseburger (pizza), tater tots, seasoned green beans, fruit.


    (Breakfast menus in parentheses.) TUESDAY: (Waffles) Pizza, corn, green beans, fruit.
    WEDNESDAY: (Sausage biscuit) Fish nuggets, grits, roll, frozen juice bar.
    THURSDAY: (French toast sticks) Chili w/crackers, veggies w/dip, grilled cheese sandwich, fruit cup.
    FRIDAY: (Cereal, blueberry mini loaf) Grilled chicken, oven fries, lettuce and tomato, fresh fruit.


    (Lunch menus include tossed salad and fresh fruit tray. Daily breakfast includes choice of juice, cereal and toast; and Monday, super donut; Tuesday, sausage biscuit; Wednesday, cheese toast; Thursday, breakfast pizza; Friday, pigglestix w/syrup. High school students have daily additional choice of pizza, bagged lunch or chef's salad.)
  • ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TUESDAY: Chicken nuggets, scalloped potatoes, rosy applesauce, mustard greens.
    WEDNESDAY: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chili w/beans, cheese cup, grapes, crispy french fries.
    THURSDAY: Spaghetti w/meat sauce, corn-on-the-cob, green beans, yummy school roll, frozen juice bar.
    FRIDAY: Pizza, baby carrots, peas, Old Glory Jr.
    n MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOLS TUESDAY: Chicken nuggets, scalloped potatoes, school-made yeast roll, rosy applesauce.
    WEDNESDAY: Lasagna w/ground beef, tossed salad, green beans, Italian bread, peanut butter cookie.
    THURSDAY: Hamburger, potato rounds, mixed fruit, fruit and nut trail mix.
    FRIDAY: Broaster chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed cabbage, school-made yeast roll, peaches.
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