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Published: Tuesday, January 14, 2003 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Monday, January 13, 2003 at 9:44 p.m.

Goodbye to blonde

Hair salons across the country are going dark: Antonio Vitale of Boston's Studio for Hair predicts 2003 will bring darker tresses that more closely resemble one's natural color.
He says blondes will say goodbye to blinding light in the new year and favor warmer tones.
Overprocessing is out, Vitale says. Meanwhile, brunettes will be looking to highlight their natural shades with - highlights. Vitale suggests a combination of auburn strands interspersed with blond for a unique-yet-not-overdone color mix.
As for trends, Vitale says forget about them.
He suggests saving money by sticking to colors that are only two or three shades darker or lighter than natural hair because coloring sessions will be less frequent. "Keep your skin and eyes in mind, not some image from a magazine," says Vitale.

Dressing your man

Not every woman is happy with the way the man in her life dresses. Lloyd Boston's book "Make Over Your Man: The Woman's Guide to Dressing Any Man in Her Life" (Broadway Books, $29.95) is here to change that.
The book is a style guide to help women bring out the fashionable best in the men they love.
Each chapter is devoted to an individual area of a man's wardrobe - from his suits to his shoes. In the chapter on outerwear, Boston laments that most men treat outerwear as an afterthought, throwing on the most comfortable jacket without realizing it's the first thing that people see. Men need to be more conscious about how dressy or sporty their attire is before deciding on the coat to top it, he says.
Boston is an on-air style contributor for NBC's "Today" show and a host of E! Entertainment's Style Network. He also is the author of "Men of Color" and has worked with Tommy Hilfiger.

Luxurious lips

For years, 28-year-old model Shelissa Anne Kemplin Kearney searched for the perfect lip balm - something that kept her pucker smooth and soft without requiring constant reapplication. She never found a product on the shelves that met her needs, so she invented one.
Kemplin Kearney's My Sexy Lips is an all-natural vegan lip balm that is scented with essential oils and contains such moisturizers as olive oil, vitamin E and candelilla wax. The balm comes in four flavors - Peppermint Patty, Spearmint Leaf SPF 15, Naturally Naked and the popular Vanilla Bean - and is packaged in a tube ($7.50) or pot ($12). Wear it under lipstick, or line lips and fill in with My Sexy Lips for a sheer hint of color.
Buy it on her beauty and pampering Web site,, or call (866) 468-2515 to order.

Hair jewelry

Tired of wearing kid's accessories in your hair? Here's a fancier option: the HairLoop, jewelry for your hair.
Company founder Jennifer Bahney created the HairLoop because she wanted a hair accessory, "with precious metals, not cheap plastic or nickel accessories."
Available in silver, gold and Swarovski crystals, the HairLoop looks like a ponytail holder with jewels dangling from the leather loop. Any woman who can pull her hair back can wear a HairLoop without fear of it slipping out or damaging hair.
Prices range from $12 to $15 for the silver or gold-plated versions to $80 for the 14-karat gold HairLoops.
They are available at and and will soon be in major department stores nationwide.
Nostalgic jeans Back in the designer-jean-crazed early '80s, big, distinctive logos equaled cool and no one's logo was more noticeable than Jordache. The chalk-yellow stitching, the horse embroidered on the hip - the jeans didn't whisper Jordache, they shouted it.
Well, Jordache Originals is entertaining our love for all things retro with its "vintage" line containing such creations as a white denim wedding dress and denim dresses, jeans and tops embellished with tapestry applique, metal mesh and leather patches. But it is the company's Omega Denims that can really send your nostalgic heart aflutter.
Bedecked with loops of bright yellow stitching inspired by Jordache's original jean pocket design, the modern jean skirt ($76) and jacket ($78) have a sexy, tight fit while oozing retro appeal.
Jordache Originals jeans are available in select stores. Call (888) 295-3267 for information.


If your bureau surface is covered with fragrances you never wear, consider streamlining the whole scenting process with Roots Uniscent. Created by the Canadian company known for its wildly popular duds at the 2002 Winter Olympics, Uniscent is a casual scent for both men and women that conveys airy freshness and warmth. Available at Roots stores and at select Roots boutiques in Saks Fifth Avenue stores, the line runs from $24 to $36. Products also can be ordered at at For information, call (800) 208-0521.

Fab Florals

MAC Cosmetics' spring line of Fab Florals is significant not just for its fresh, romantic pinks, but also for the slightly eccentric way the company describes its colors. The lipstick shade "Pussy Willow" is termed "potting soil brown" by the company. "Meadow" eye shadow is said to be like "murky greenery." And the lip gloss "Chai" is curiously described as being the color of chocolate milk, not milky tea.
Ah, well, we won't fault MAC. With product names such as "Snob," "Mylar" and "Florabundance," we have to give them credit for being creative.

Miniskirts, batwing sleeves

Glenda Bailey, editor in chief of Harper's Bazaar, writes in her letter to readers in the January issue that color is "in" for the new year.
(She also cites miniskirts, 1950s ladylike dressing and satin for day as other trends.)
Yet to add bursts of brightness to a 2003 wardrobe, you need to start with a simple canvas - and that's where these key silhouettes, all in black, come in.
The "building blocks" to create a very au courant closet include blouson and fitted jackets, high-waisted pants, pencil skirt and sport-inspired pieces. The following are examples of these classic shapes, which have been softened with subtle changes:
  • Batwing sleeves give fluidity to a turtleneck.
  • Elastic cuffs lend a sport edge to knit jersey pants or a blouson jacket.
  • High waists top both a slim pencil skirt and flowing silk trousers.
  • A belt creates an empire waist on an otherwise strict jacket.

    Enliven dull skin

    Inside and outside, winter air is dry, which can leave skin flaky and rough.
    Dr. Sheldon Pinnell, a professor emeritus of dermatology at Duke University Medical Center and a consultant to SkinCeuticals offers these tips on preventing chapped lips, dull skin and sunburn - yes, sunburn.
  • Use a richer moisturizer, such as one with marine extracts and natural botanicals. Also consider using a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid.
  • Exfoliate arms, legs, chest and back to rid yourself of dead skin cells. Then moisturize your body with a product such as SkinCeuticals Advanced Body Firming Lotion, a blend of soy isoflavones, Brazilian marine extracts, natural botanicals and antioxidants.
  • Use a mild cleanser that will clean pores and lift impurities without stripping the skin of natural oils.
  • Ultraviolet rays penetrate clouds and snow, which can leave your skin with a sunburn in the middle of the winter. To protect your skin, especially at higher elevations, choose a broad-spectrum sunblock with microfine zinc oxide.

    Skin soother

    Another inexpensive way to soothe your dry skin is with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. Formulated with pure, natural cocoa butter, Palmer's products include a body wash, body oil, lotion, cream and lip balm. Each product costs less than $7 and can be found at local grocery stores and drug stores among other places.
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