Jaguars suspend Ramsey, Fowler after practice altercation

Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler. ( (AP Photo/Gary McCullough, File)

JACKSONVILLE — The Jacksonville Jaguars suspended All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey and defensive end Dante Fowler on Sunday for violating team rules and conduct unbecoming a Jaguars football player.

Neither one will make the trip to Minnesota on Tuesday for two days of joint practices and a preseason game. The teams play Saturday.

Fowler was involved in several fights Sunday, including one after practice with fellow defensive end Yannick Ngakoue. Ramsey shouted profanities at media members who captured the altercation on video and later threatened reporters with “war” for releasing the video. Ramsey made his threat via Twitter.

The team released a one-sentence statement Sunday evening announcing the suspensions. Coach Doug Marrone is expected to address the decision Tuesday.

The whole thing seemingly started during practice and carried off the field.

Ngakoue and Fowler exchanged words while leaving practice, prompting a skirmish in which no punches were thrown. Ngakoue and Fowler got into it again outside the practice-field gates and had to be pulled apart by teammates, coaches and security personnel. General manager Dave Caldwell could be seen leading Ngakoue away by the wrist.

The altercation came on the last of 11 consecutive practices in full pads and in sweltering heat and humidity. It also came a few minutes after a scuffle near the end of practice, when Fowler appeared to shove tight end James O’Shaughnessy out of bounds following a reception. Teammates rushed to break it up.

The suspension is the latest issue for Fowler, whose checkered past includes two arrests.

Fowler was arrested last year after confronting a 55-year-old man who made a comment about his driving. St. Petersburg police said Fowler exchanged words with the man before hitting him and knocking off his glasses. Fowler then stepped on the glasses before taking the man’s grocery bag and tossing it in a lake.

Fowler eventually pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of battery, criminal mischief and petty theft. The case was closed in March, with Fowler sentenced to a year of probation and 75 hours of community service.

The NFL suspended him without pay for the season opener, a one-game penalty that will cost him $214,000.

Fowler also was arrested in Miami Beach in March 2016 and charged with misdemeanor counts of assault against a police officer and resisting arrest without violence. The charges were later dropped. That arrest came a little more than two weeks after a video surfaced showing Fowler refereeing a fight between his girlfriend and an ex-girlfriend. He also has a long list of traffic violations.

Fowler missed the first two weeks of training camp while recovering from a shoulder injury. He was removed from the physically unable to perform list Saturday, so his altercation with Ngakoue came during his second day of practice.

Fowler, the third overall pick in the 2015 draft out of UF, is in the final year of his rookie contract and due to make $3.64 million. He has 14 sacks the last two seasons, including two in the AFC championship game.

Ngakoue, a third-round pick in 2016 who beat out Fowler for the starting job as a rookie, is due to make $735,000 in base salary in 2018. With 20 sacks and 11 forced fumbles in two seasons, Ngakoue is considered one of the cornerstones of Jacksonville’s vaunted defense.

Ramsey is another key piece. The fifth overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft exchanged barbs with Baltimore receiver Steve Smith as a rookie and got ejected for fighting with Cincinnati receiver A.J. Green last season.


  1. ”The NFL suspended him without pay for the season opener, a one-game penalty that will cost him $214,000.
    Fowler also was arrested in Miami Beach in March 2016 and charged with misdemeanor counts of assault against a police officer and resisting arrest without violence. The whole thing seemingly started during practice and carried off the field.”
    Some players can turn on the violent ”get him/them” attitude when the play starts, and stop when the whistle blows. Others can’t. In fact they carry it into the streets, sadly.

    • The NFL should take the $214,000 fine and give it to the old man in St. Pete that Fowler assaulted. It seems that former UF, FSU and Miami football players have this penchant for getting in trouble. Current ones too in fact.

    • I agree with that, Dan.
      And while I don’t know what happened in Miami, I ALWAYS give the cops: R-E-S-P-E-C-T (for Aretha’s safe passing across the Jordan), as it usually works our better!
      However, I did forget Ramsey was a… Seminole! So sorry, Dante Fowler!
      I can’t be too hypocritical. I may have been arrested for fighting, too. But fortunately, the ‘Nole fans wisely got back in their car on West Univ. Ave., in front of the President’s Mansion, back in 1997. Go Gators!

    • Yet we continue to support their riches and coddle the immaturity. One day we are going to stop and maybe then they will have to actually get a real degree and go to work. It’s all sick.. just wait it’s going to come

      • I don’t support them as best I can. I never watch professional sports and I don’t pay for cable television. Most of the games are lopsided or boring. Paying a cable bill essentially helps pay Dante Fowlers salary. A lot of people argue cable bills are high because of sports.

  2. NFL is plummeting. Ratings going down like the players kneeling. I don’t watch the NFL anymore, so I really do not care about this article in stating how much money he lost for one game. How about giving back to their cause in social equality. They make too much money to argue social equality when they don’t even support their cause. If they really believed in what they are saying then they should be giving part of their payroll to their special cause and not make the owner’s do it to make the player’s happy. By the way, I am not talking about putting on a camp for giving back. Their are some really special players that do give back and I applaud them for it.

  3. It appears in MY eyes that Dante is (for one) mad that he was beat out by a ROOKIE, well that’s Donte’s fault. So now, i’m going to show you that I can BEAT you one on one. I don’t think that’s why Jacksonville drafted you. I personally think they should try to move him someplace else. He’s done enough to show that he’s not stable and is detrimental to TEAM chemistry. TIME TO GO!

  4. It had to be the other stuff (which was poor judgment) on top of a fight in practice. On itself…how is a fight, with no punches thrown (which is really shoving each other) in FOOTBALL practice a big deal?


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