UF to unveil Jordan Brand uniforms


The much-anticipated reveal of Florida’s new Jordan Brand football uniforms will take place in Atlanta on July 17.

The Jumpman uniforms will be unveiled at the World Congress Center a 7 p.m. at a rally UF is holding to celebrate its new partnership with Jordan Brand.

Florida coach Dan Mullen and some former Gator players will be in attendance. The event is free to the public.

Mullen and four current players will be in Atlanta for SEC Media Days next Tuesday.

UF is just the fourth collegiate football program to represent the Jumpman and the brand’s first college program in the SEC.



  1. Being the first SEC team to don the apparel is pretty cool.
    Any idea who are the 4 players Mullen is taking to media days?

  2. Unless the uniforms are infused with some sort of tech that makes players block and tackle better, I don’t care.

    • Kind of the bottom line when you get right down to it, huh? Just don’t dress out like a high school team anymore and keep the script Gators on the helmet, that’s all I ask.

  3. Here’s hoping against hope that the uniforms will be: Home – orange helmets, blue jerseys, white pants; and Road – orange helmets, white jerseys, blue or orange pants.

    Multiple uniforms confuse the brand. Does Alabama need multiple uniforms in order to appeal to recruits?

  4. Who is the moron that approved putting a basketball player on our football uniforms? Last year Michigan looked ridiculous with a basketball logo on their uniforms and now we are also going to look foolish, this is the dumbest thing we have ever done with uniforms.

  5. This stuff may not mean much to you, but the recruits love new and different uniform combinations. You guys may not have liked the gator scales, but a lot of the young guys did and that’s all that matters. If you don’t like it, don’t buy a replica jersey, but a lot of the kids that cheer for the university of Florida would kill for the chance to wear that uniform.


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