Daily Football Fix Video: Best Teams to Never Win


Gainesville Sun staff writer Robbie Andreu, left, and sports columnist Pat Dooley break down another segment of the Daily Football Fix.


  1. A lot of people jinxed the 2001 Florida team – a win over Tennessee was “assumed”. For example, the Pike house had a banner with roses on it hung up before the game.

  2. Well, that ”1984 Florida team” BEAT U.G.A. like a drum. A goal line stand, then a 96 yd. T.D. from Bell to Nattiel to seal the deal 27-0. What a game (and after years of being run over by Herschel Walker, too). It was deserving of a comment here, at the very least. What a day!
    Go Gators! Let’s beat U.G.A. -again- this year, it’s time!

  3. Pat, so glad to hear you say Galen Hall was railroaded. I’ve always felt that way. I wanted to strangle him in ’85 for pulling Bell for Brewer way too early against Rutgers, but I’ve always been convinced he got a raw deal on the probation issue.

    • Nick, the 2009 team was really good and didn’t win the NC or SEC, but they did win the East, so I think that disqualifies them from this discussion.

      • I can’t remember who said it, Joe, it was quite a while ago but it stuck with me like glue because it was so funny: “Winning the East is like being the tallest midget”.

        Sounds like something Richard Dery would come up with; maybe Daz Wazzle….or Leland.

        • That’s true Gator-6. Until last season, winning the East was a ticket for a beatdown in Atlanta. But it does at least get you a ring better than you might find in a box of Cracker Jack.


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