Daily Football Fix: 10-win seasons for SEC schools

The SEC slogan "It Just Means More." is displayed on the windows of the Hyatt Regency Wynfrey Hotel as the first day of SEC Football Media Days begins in Hoover on Monday, July 10, 2017. [Staff Photo/Erin Nelson

It’s a magical number that gets coaches raises and makes boosters puff out their chests a little more during the offseason.

In a way, it’s like hitting .300. You do it and it changes the way people look at you. You hit .299, not so much.

We’re talking about 10-win seasons in college football, something that used to be a rarity but now is the benchmark for a successful program. So look at this list of SEC 10-win teams, be happy you don’t root for Vanderbilt and realize how great Steve Spurrier is.

  1. Alabama — 35.

First 10-win season: 1920.

Last 10-win season: 2017.


  1. Georgia — 21.

First 10-win season: 1942.

Last 10-win season: 2017.


  1. Tennessee — 20.

First 10-win season: 1938.

Last 10-win season: 2007.


  1. Florida — 14.

First 10-win season: 1991.

Last 10-win season: 2015.


(Tie) Auburn — 14.

First 10-win season: 1957.

Last 10-win season: 2017.


  1. LSU — 13.

First 10-win season: 1908.

Last 10-win season: 2013.


  1. Arkansas — 12.

First 10-win season: 1964.

Last 10-win season: 2011.


(Tie)Texas A&M — 12.

First 10-win season: 1955.

Last 10-win season: 2012.


  1. Ole Miss — 7.

First 10-win season: 1955.

Last 10-win season: 2015.


  1. Missouri — 6.

First 10-win season: 1960.

Last 10-win season: 2014.


  1. South Carolina — 4.

First 10-win season: 1984.

Last 10-win season: 2013.


  1. Mississippi State — 3.

First 10-win season: 1940.

Last 10-win season: 2014.


  1. Kentucky — 2.

First 10-win season: 1950.

Last 10-win season: 1977.


  1. Vanderbilt — Zero.


  1. could be nothing, or this change in the gambling rules from the supreme court might affect things in a big way, changing some of the rules like stipends, etc. we just lost several players and millions of dollars, a coach, and who knows the future effect on a credit card fraud deal, much smaller than the kind of money gamblers can offer.

    so this may mark the end of an era. likewise, I wonder the numbers for Georgia tech and Tulane, since we are including teams with part sec and part other conference in the mix.

  2. Pat,

    Quick Breakdown of a few coaches 10-win season.
    Bear Bryant – 14 (1 Kentucky 1950 11-1…Impressive)
    Spurrier – 12 (11-win seasons 3 years in a row at SC)
    Saban – 12 (10 years running)