FINAL: SEC Basketball Tournament Glance

2018 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament Schedule

Wednesday results

Game 1: No. 12 seed Georgia 78, No. 13 seed Vanderbilt 62

Game 2: No. 11 seed South Carolina 85, No. 14 seed Ole Miss 84

Thursday’s schedule on SEC Network

Game 3: No. 9 seed Alabama 71, No. 8 seed Texas A&M 70

Game 4: No. 12 seed Georgia 62, No. 5 seed Missouri 60

Game 5: No. 7 seed Mississippi State 80No. 10 seed LSU 77

Game 6: No. 6 seed Arkansas 69, No. 11 seed South Carolina 64

Friday’s schedule

Game 7: No. 9 seed Alabama 81, No. 1 seed Auburn 63

Game: 8 No. 4 seed Kentucky 62, No. 12 seed Georgia 49

Game 9: No. 2 seed Tennessee 62, No. 7 seed Mississippi State 59

Game 10: No. 6 seed Arkansas 80, No. 3 seed Florida 72

Saturday’s schedule

Game 11: No. 4 seed Kentucky 86, No. 9 seed Alabama 63

Game 12: No. 2 seed Tennessee 84, vs No. 6 seed Arkansas 66

Sunday’s championship game

No. 4 seed Kentucky 77, No. 2 seed Tennessee 72

FIRST ROUND –  7 p.m. Game 1: No. 12 seed Georgia 78,      No. 13 seed Vanderbilt 62 SEC Network
Game 2: No. 11 seed S. Carolina 85,  No. 14 seed Ole Miss 84 SEC Network
SECOND ROUND – Thurs., March 8 1 p.m. Game 3: No. 9 seed Alabama 71,       No. 8 seed Texas A&M 70 SEC Network
Game 4: No. 12 seed Georgia 62,      No. 5 seed Missouri 60 SEC Network
7 p.m. Game 5: No. 7 seed Miss. State 80,   No. 10 seed LSU 77 SEC Network
Game 6: No. 6 seed Arkansas 69,      No. 11 seed South Carolina 64 SEC Network
QUARTERFINALS – Fri., March 9 1 p.m. Game 7: No. 9 seed Alabama 81, No. 1 seed Auburn 63 ESPN
Game 8: No. 4 seed Kentucky 62,      No. 12 seed Georgia 49 ESPN
7 p.m. Game 9: No. 2 seed Tennessee 62,      No. 7 seed Mississippi State 59 SEC Network
Game 10: No. 6 seed Arkansas 80,     No. 3 seed Florida 72 SEC Network
SEMIFINALS – Sat., March 10 1 p.m. Game 11: No. 4 seed Kentucky 86,     No. 9 seed Alabama 63 ESPN
Game 12: No. 2 seed Tennessee 84, vs No. 6 seed Arkansas 66 ESPN
CHAMPIONSHIP – Sun., March 11 1 p.m. Game 13: No. 4 seed Kentucky 77,     No. 2 seed Tennessee 72 ESPN


  1. Semi-finals for upper bracket: Auburn vs. One & done’s ”tamed” ‘Cats of Kentucky. (Gator fans can talk like that after Saturday’s game. So get out your ”Swiffer mops” out, SWEPT!)
    Semi-finals for lower bracket: Tenn. vs. Florida.
    I know, I went out far on the proverbial limb…
    But now I will: SEC Tourney Finals: Auburn vs. U.F. (And you know the SEC wants Auburn vs. U.K., so…)
    Go Gators!

    • I think UF vs. Tenn. on a neutral court is a better matchup than on Summitt Court. It sounds like they started playing a lot tougher at UT, which seems to have grown into the past three games. If they can continue that current trend, a tourney championship isn’t that far fetched. If that happens, don’t be surprised to see UF a 4-seed in the NCAAs, with what would then be 13 Q1 wins. Just a possible scenario, not a prediction, since as Mike White was quoted saying, “we can beat anyone in the country, and we can lose to anyone in the country.” I’m hoping for the continuation. Go Gators.

      • ”Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.” And in my opinion, corey, Tennessee vs. U.K. would fill-up that big arena in ole St. Louie, which is why I think the SEC will be wishing for that matchup. And it very well may be. But personally, I’d rather see Florida vs. Auburn. And beat WarEagle 2X, too. Go Gators!

        • I’ll definitely agree with you on what the SEC would want. I’m sure in the end, they’ll take either UT or UF against UK. They want that big blue crowd to fill up St. Louis arena. Then again, why they’re having it in St. Louis in the first place is beyond me.

  2. Not meaning to be a downer on these championship game pairings but we’d better concentrate on beating either Ark. or USC first. As inconsistent as this UF team has been, better one game at a time!

  3. We’re 2-5 against the first round teams and 9-2 against all other teams… If we’d just taken care of business in games we were supposed to win (or not choked), we would have won the SEC!
    I’m kind of hoping we draw a tougher team in the first round. This team clearly plays to its competition.
    Go gators!

    • “Thanks for pointing out that I’m not exactly one of the better coaches in the league.” — Mike White, Florida Gators head coach

    • I think team plays well against all teams except though with scoring big man.
      Big man team have been hard for gators to defend.

      Also Gator have not played well in last 10 minutes of games they had leads on.
      I think that they play poorly in slow down / semi stall half court games.
      They lost games to team they should have beat.

      Looks like they now are playing faster in the last ten minutes and having more success.

      They are playing smarter and harder.
      Earler the basketball IQ was poor.

      just one fans thoughts


  4. At least with BetDSI, the Gators are favored to win the SEC tourney.

    Also, try this one on for size: Colorado State is seriously thinking about hiring a female to replace Larry Eustachy as head bb coach. That’s it for now, I’m going to step outside and lose my breakfast.

    • You hit all the trolling strategy points:
      1. Sports allegiance
      2. Political party
      3. Religious beliefs
      4. Gender

      What’s left? Ohhhh, racial stuff. Will be waiting for that one.

      • How about an opinion, MSBS? Really think the guys in Div. 1 would like playing for a woman, huh? If you think they would, you’re full of s**t.


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