Dooley Noted: A little perspective on college basketball officiating


Pat reviews Florida’s loss at Ole Miss and discusses the men’s basketball team’s prospects for the season.


  1. Good analysis Pat! Last Saturday I quit watching with 2 minutes to go. Suggested corrective counseling for the ref who missed the “not even close” out bounds call: make him watch the replay 100 times in a row, non-stop. Then ask him “do you get it?”

  2. The most incompetent officiating is found in the women’s college game. A lack of knowledge of the rules, coupled with sometimes flagrant bias, is the norm!

  3. A few years ago, there was a lot of talk about ”college officiating in basketball” and how they were going to call more fouls to ”clean up” the game. Make it more ”pure”, so to speak. I have seen the opposite; allowing muggings! Egor Koulechov gets thrown down to the court, much like a receiver getting thrown down by a D.B., and then ”nada” from the refs. Steve Russell once asked us on his radio show, ”what do we dislike about college sports?” Of course, I said, ”the REFS!” And lastly, Egbunu will be nice to have back, but I won’t expect much from him. He needs to stay healthy for the next chapter of his life, an NBA run! GO GATORS! BEAT ARKANSAS!

  4. If Egbunu doesn’t play for the Gators and show some ability, the next chapter in his life is not the NBA but the Nigerian National League.


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