Ole Miss WR Van Jefferson transferring to UF

Ole Miss wide receiver Van Jefferson (12) catches a pass during the second half of the Ole Miss-Alabama game on Sept. 30, 2017, at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Ala. The Crimson Tide won, 66-3. [Photo/Laura Chramer]

Florida’s wide receiver corps got deeper Monday night.

Van Jefferson, a 6-foot-2, 190-pound wide receiver who signed with Ole Miss in 2015 out of Ravenwood High (Tn.), will transfer to the Gators.

While Jefferson would typically have to sit out a year per NCAA transfer rules, the sanctions the Rebels recently received give Jefferson a legitimate shot at receiving a waiver to be immediately eligible at UF.

In 21 games with the Rebels, Jefferson has caught 87 passes for 967 yards and four touchdowns.

Jefferson, ranked the No. 106 overall prospect in the 2015 class by 247Sports, finished behind sophomore A.J. Brown in receptions for Ole Miss last season.


  1. seems like a fair trade, ole miss got a qb we had a sort of commitment from that probably didn’t fit here, we get a receiver which is something we could use more

  2. Only 87 receptions in 21 games with the Rebs? Won’t pass muster with the Chicken Little’s on here. Needs to catch at least 20 a game. If he ain’t a unanimous All-American they don’t want him.

  3. Ok, good solid pick up that can play right away. Maybe the MSU JUCO WR will sign as well.
    Anybody heard anything more about the Gators pursuing 3* QB Jordon Travis Benjamin, West Palm FL ??

    • Not for long, I’m sure Gator. Old Man Suwannee above nailed it. No earthly idea what’ll be wrong c this kid, but they’ll think of something and blame whatever it is on Mullen. Or maybe Trump.

      • I’m actually looking forward to seeing what they have to say if Jones signs tomorrow. I mean after Corral committed to Ole Miss Mullen instantly became a loser who couldn’t recruit. It’s going to look pretty bad for that theory when he turns around and signs a higher ranked player who actually fits the offense perfectly.

    • OK, I’ll play. He can’t play wide receiver with those skinny legs! How in the world can he jump so high with those skinny legs? I got it. He weights 98 pounds soaking wet. He’s not big enough! And he is probably too slow as well…

      How was that?

  4. The doom/gloom will be silenced after Wednesday. Look for Emory Jones to sign Wednesday and the offense recruits that are on the fence become GATORS!!!

    • Not a doom & gloomer here by any stretch of the imagination, Gallo, but I don’t see it. If he doesn’t sign c FSU, I’ll be a suck egg mule. A very happy one, mind you, but still surprised out of my socks. Good thing I rarely wear socks, I guess.

          • David & Joe: No, not a pessimistic guess…..are you kidding me? I live in Texas guys, and if it weren’t for sites like this and Texas A&M being in the SEC now, I would have guessed that Florida dropped football 3 years ago. Only reason I knew they hadn’t while Muschamp was there was because he came to Gainesville from Austin. The real reason I think he goes to FSU is first, a gut feeling that I can’t shake, and second, that Taggart will go full court press for him to include whatever it takes. I’ve said repeatedly that I hope I’m wrong, and I’m not a pessimist by nature anyway.

      • Actually, I see Jones signing with UF tomorrow … FSU already has 2 QB’s with experience and I don’t see him jumping ahead of 2 experienced QB’s…at UF he will get a chance to be the starter upon his arrival…He also has relatives that love UF … I’d be surprised if FSU gets him.

  5. Hopefully this kid is a tough, physical receiver who can block and give the business to the corners and go up and catch a ball. We don’t have a whole lot of these kids on the current roster.

    • He is a precision route runner and can high point the ball really well, which is not surprising considering his dad is Shawn Jefferson who played 13 seasons in the NFL and is currently the WRs coach for the Miami Dolphins. He was the number 11-rated WR in the 2015 recruiting class. Given that Ole Miss seems to have misrepresented their precarious situation vis a vis the NCAA to recruits in that and other classes, he will have chance at an exception to the “one year sit-out” rule for transfers. The NCAA has said Ole Miss seniors may transfer without having to sit out, but underclassmen are also jumping ship and are going to claim they were lied to by Ole Miss. I like their chances of obtaining exceptions, which the NCAA rarely grants, because there is a credible reason to do so in this case which would not open the floodgates to lots of transfers at other schools where there has been no provable duplicity.


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