Grantham to coordinate Florida’s defense

Todd Grantham to follow Dan Mullen to Florida and become the Gators’ defensive coordinator. [File]


[Updated, 10 a.m., 11-30] Now that Mississippi State has filled its head coaching vacancy, it’s cleared the way for Todd Grantham to follow Dan Mullen to Florida and become the Gators’ defensive coordinator.

UF made the official announcement Thursday morning.

Grantham had been considered a candidate for the MSU job, which was filled Wednesday with the hiring of Penn State offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead.

Mullen hired Grantham to be MSU’s defensive coordinator a year ago. His MSU defense in 2017 ranks No. 10 in the nation in total defense, giving up an average of 302.0 yards a game.

 Before going to MSU, Grantham spent three seasons as the defensive coordinator at Louisville. He also was the defensive coordinator at Georgia from 2010-13.

Overall, Grantham has 31 years of coaching experience that includes 11 seasons as a defensive coordinator.

Grantham coached for 11 years in the NFL and has worked under some of the game’s top head coaches, including Nick Saban, Dom Capers, Frank Beamer, Mark Richt, Wade Phillips and Romeo Crennel.


  1. Huh? the guy who went nuts on Chas Henry with a UGA hat on? this guy is just a pure nutcase and his defenses generally aren’t that good

    • I’d say taking Miss St from 110th in total defense to 10th in one season is about as good as it gets, especially when you consider the talent he has to work with. Who cares what he did at UGA in one of the most heated rivalries in college football? What’s most important is he had them 3rd in total defense in 2011. He’s passionate about the teams he coaches. I’m sure he’ll be just as passionate about the Gators.

    • Hello….Muschamp’s defense took the Gators two years in a row to Atlanta, it certainly wasn’t that clown Mac’s offense. This past year was Mac’s team, how did that work out. Glad to see DM back.

        • Joe- no one can deny that Muschamp had an awesome defense, one of the top in the nation but he had an abysmal offense, worse than McElwain’s. Theres alot of Muschamps defense playing on sundays! McElwains/Shannons defense began playing this year and we took a HUGE step down from last year and the last decade of great Florida defenses, so much for Shannon’s “making it simpler” defense in his 1st year as our DC.

        • Chas Henry got him back. He was ice. It was a d-bag move by Grantham, but BBQ is right that coaches roll to the people who write their checks. You’ve gotta let that go. Dan Mullen is the HBC now, he gets to make the calls. If we as fans/alumni get to make the calls, well then how are we any different than Rocky Top, the laughing stock of NCAA football at the moment. As long as he has a bad a$$ defense, maybe like Geoff Collins (with Will Muschamp’s players), we will forget about that. JUST WIN, BABY…

    • A Nolie Queen is a FSU running back who shoots, rapes and robs a fellow student a few weeks before Christmas who then is later supported by the coaching staff in his effort to receive a reduced sentence. See Michael Gibson.

      • Not a FSU fan and believe Winston was a prima donna low life and treated “SPECIAL” but sometimes its not good to throw rocks. What does FSU call Aaron Hernandez????? Have a good day.

        • Aaron never did anything like that while at UF, so what he did late has nothing to do with UF! We dont own a player for the rest of his life! Rapist Winston was protected by the FSU program!

    • No, he NEEDS to get our defense back to where it belongs in the top 10 nationally. As a fan you have every right to feel that way, but exactly who does he owe an apology to? I certainly don’t need one. I need him to coach our defense well and to work his butt off as our DC.

  2. CJ while I agree with your premise I’m not sure I can recall a more immature and classless act by a coach. So fitting that Henry made him eat it. His hiring gives me indigestion.

  3. For anyone that might not have actually played football……… is a good thing when the defensive coordinator and his defense have an edge. If you think a coach saying a kicker might choke with some common football adjectives is something really bad………… have no clue what goes on every play on the field. You should be worried about getting an aggressive nasty defense…….with an attitude………like the 3 that won national championships. The fact we didn’t like him when he was on the opposite side of the field is why we might light him on our side. Give our new coach your support and stop thinking you know more than he does………you don’t!

    • Really. You think trash talk among players on the field equates to what Grantham did in in 2010? That’s sad. And while I’m sure I don’t know a thimbleful of what he does, I do wonder if you might have taken a few too many hits on the field.

      • I don’t care what he did when on an opponent’s sideline in 2010. This is Big Boy football. I want to see the UGA run stuffed and passing games shut down by the Gators. Be the best DC in the SEC. No apologies necessary.

  4. Why would anyone start a controversy for one of our future coaches before they even arrive in town. Makes me wonder if they are Gators. What outcome do you wish for? Let’s see: Hates the Gators, regrets his decision to come to Gainesville, gives half effort…it’s not very intelligent to write negative crap: Try to say something that maybe is welcoming. “Welcome coach Grantham!” Go Gators!

  5. Saban had some pretty good things to say about Grantham. The guy is tough and nasty. That is just what we want from the defense. No more taking plays off with this guy.

    • Heard the same George, other places too. Only thing about him that puts me off a little is his resemblance to Al Gore…..but what the hey, if he can get the job done I don’t care if he looks like Alfred E. Newman!

  6. Grantham shouldn’t have to apologize for the gesture toward Henry. Henry made the game-winning kick and blew Grantham a kiss. Should Mullen have to apologize for not coming back to UF when Meyer resigned or after Muschamp was fired? NO!


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