Quick take: Shannon talks about preparing for Missouri




  1. Nuss is still in charge of the offense…wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t care if they throw darts at a dartboard or have a monkey use a magic 8 ball to call plays, Nuss can’t. Wait….Ive got it…fundraiser. We need money to pay all these buyouts…do a drawing or bid on OC for the day.

    Honestly, anything’s better than Nuss…I mean…seriously, why is he still calling plays????? Doesn’t make ANY SENSE. Grab a monkey, have a GA do it, have someone who has played Madden do it, just not Nuss.

    • Chill out and lets see what happens, whoever the new coach is will have a new OC next year. Nuss might just surprise you with Mac gone. Let the negativity stop and lets start building back a program instead of doing our best as fans to run it down all the time.


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