Final: Florida 28, Kentucky 27

Florida wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland reaches for the goal line in front of Kentucky cornerback Derrick Baity, left, and safety Mike Edwards to score a touchdown during the second quarter Saturday in Lexington, Ky. (AP Photo/David Stephenson)


Kentucky takes a 7-0 lead over No. 20 Florida with 5:06 left in the first quarter on a 14-yard pass from quarterback Stephen Johnson to receiver Blake Bone. The score capped an eight-play, 75-yard drive in 4:39.


End of First Quarter: Kentucky 7, Florida 0


Second Quarter

Freshman Kadarius Toney took a direct snap off the Wildcat formation and ran in from 36 yards out for the touchdown at the 14:16 mark of the quarter.

Following a 52-yard punt return by Charles Walker put the ball at the UF 10, Stephen Johnson hit receiver Garrett Johnson from nine yards out for the score with 7:24 left in the first half and a 14-7 lead. Stephen Johnson is 9-of-12 for 100 yards and two TDs.

On a fourth-and-three play from the UK 45, QB Feleipe Franks hit a wide open Tyrie Cleveland for a short pass and the sophomore receiver sprints down the right sideline for the score to tie the game at 14-all with 3:16 left in the half.

Off the timeout, no UK defender came out and covered Cleveland, who was standing alone in the right flat.

On the ensuing UK drive, Florida linebacker Vosean Joseph was ejected for a targeting penalty.

Austin MacGinnis misses a field goal attempt from 48 yards when the ball hits the upright.

End of Second Quarter: Kentucky 14, Florida 14


Third Quarter

 After UF went three and out with its first possession of the half, Kentucky quickly drove down to score (63 yards on four plays) on an 23-yard TD pass from Johnson to tight end C.J. Conrad at the 12:11 mark. Johnson is now 12 of 16 passing for 162 yards and three touchdowns.

MacGinnis converts on a 42-yard field goal to give the Wildcats a 24-14 lead with 5:54 left in the third quarter.

Luke Del Rio replaces Franks at the 5:54 mark. After a couple of first downs, Del Rio throws an interception.


End of Third quarter: Kentucky 24, Florida 14


Fourth quarter

MacGinnis gave UK a 27-14 lead with 11:33 remaining in the game by making a 50-yard field goal.


Brandon Powell helped the Gators cut the deficit to 27-21 by taking a direct snap and scoring from six yards out with 7:58 left in the game.

The highlight of the Gators’ scoring drive was a 50-yard pass from Toney to Cleveland on an end-around receiver pass play.

UF takes its first lead of the game when Del Rio hits Freddie Swain with a five-yard score with 43 seconds left.

MacGinnis missed on a 56-yard field goal attempt as time expired. It was short, but the Gators’ winning streak over UK grows to 31 straight.


Florida       0   14    0   14

Kentucky   7    7   10    3


  1. This team has been a festering wound for too long. Rip off the band-aid now. Get rid of McElwain now. They are just not a good team.

    • Amen! Mac is a fraud. I want him to pack up his damn sauce and head back west. Hire Les Miles as interim for some laughs, but stop this misery!

    • I hope your crow pie goes down ok. You people keep maligning this team without no reason when this young kids are working their tails off for you. I will go as far as telling all of you, YOU SHOULD NOT CALL YOURSELVES GATOR FANS. GO GATORS!!!!!!

  2. In his third year as head coach. Already benched HIS recruit (Franks) multiple times. And what happens? An interception from the backup QB. This team is a huge pile of manure, and the school paid millions for it.

  3. At 14-14 they were lucky to be in the game. Take away the two big plays and they did nothing. The team is awful. The offense can’t block. We have no passing game. The QB can’t find a receiver and can’t execute a play. The defense is only marginally better. The team looks lost. The team is unwatchable. The games are not fun to watch. We are paying this guy millions of dollars for this garbage. Why?

  4. Is this a joke? Draw on 3rd and 8? Then goes for it on the wrong side of the 50? Take any monkey from any zoo and it would do no worse. The tic tac toe playing chicken at the state fair could do better..

  5. Perhaps someone can explain how Mac and Nuss got raises and extensions after not being a top 100 offense for two years.

    4-6 this year at best.

  6. Yeah I’m frustrated with the coaching staff, but unlike many on here, I have faith in our players and will never give up on my team. Win or lose, I bleed orange and blue! The game isn’t over yet! Go Gators!

      • I can’t argue with that even a little bit. I hate losing as much as anyone. It’s been tough since Tebow graduated. However, we have to remember players and recruits read these posts. Those who hire and fire the coaching staff don’t. We can be frustrated and positive at the same time. Remember, we are Gators, not crimiNOLES:)

        • Well, we do have 9 still suspended. And whether people read this type of stuff or not, recruits definitely watch the horrible offense.

  7. Maybe we can suck out a victory here, hit a couple more key hail Mary’s later in the year, and limp into the SEC Championship after getting blown out by FSU, to be blown out by Alabama again.

  8. OK, great come back. I give the team credit, they came back from the dead. They showed great heart and determination that they did not show the whole game. Now they have to figure out how to play like this the whole game. I still hate coach Mac. and Nus. They need to go.

  9. Chappel are you sure you are a Gator fan? “Great comeback” that’s all you’ve got to say after badmouthing the Gators all night? How ’bout a simple, “Say it’s great to be a Florida Gator.”

  10. 2nd game in a row with awful clock management. Let 20 seconds drain off to 9 seconds in the Tennessee game, forcing a miracle play with no time left and a timeout still in pocket. This time called an immediate TO when tackled at the 5 yard line with 49 seconds left. There is zero chance with three TO left we will run out of time inside the 5. We will either score or turn it over on downs. Time out can only help Tenn. If you need to take time out to strategize let 20 seconds run off first.

    • Ron. Worked out fairly good. The time out allowed the coaches to set up the play that allowed a wide open receiver to catch the winning TD. Without the timeout, that play never happens and we do not know if Florida even scores a TD. And Kentucky was going to call time anyway. The TV even showed Stoops telling the ref that he was going to call timeout after the next play. He would have called one if Florida did not.

      • Then let UK call the TO!!! That’s one less critical TO UK has to use in their last drive. If you need to set up the play and UK doesn’t call TO then let 20 seconds run first. They had too much time and that’s why they got into FG range. We were saved by a dumb holding penalty.

  11. No matter how good a team Kentucky has, they always find a way to lose these games. C’mon, leaving a receiver wide open inside the 10 yd line with the game on the line? I don’t know how someone on the defense didn’t see Freddie Swain clapping and waving his arms before the snap. At least the Gators finally got some production out of the running game although they still desperately need Scarlett back. Props to Brandon Powell for being the man when they needed him. It was ugly, but it still counts and I’ll take it. The Gators still have a lot of work to do.

  12. Come on guys, the MOST offense we have had all year. Yeah, QB was by committee but it should be obvious Franks is not the star of the O yet. Get the ball to, well tha ballers. Del Rio can do that. Franks has much work to do. And so does the D but…

    Great win, I enjoyed it. Go Gators!

  13. Great Game Gators. Maybe this game will show all this so called Gator fans that you have the heart of a winner!!!!, and maybe, just maybe, they will get behind the team and quit all this negative nonsense.

  14. Alfred Rose. I was at the Tennessee game. I can tell you, Gator Nation loves the Gators. Obviously, a lot of haters on here, though.

  15. McElwain is LIKE Muschamp in that he’s bad (at coaching), but lucky.
    He’s UNLIKE him in that Muschamp was occasionally interesting to listen to.
    Mac’s on-field interviews are embarrassing and make me cringe.
    It’s said that “it’s better to be lucky than good,”
    but this game result was/is bad for both programs!
    It only serves to prolong inevitable pain.
    Not only is Mac one strange hombre,
    he’s NOT a Gator!
    He and his quivering voice has GOTTA GO!

  16. Coach Mac and his staff are to be commemened for the outstanding job they are doing. Despite being saddled with losing 10 players just as the season is starting (two of which were to be counted on heavy) Coach Mac and his staff did not cry or make excuses. Coach Mac has used the pices that he has left over and won back to back SEC games.
    I am excited to see how the rest of this season unfolds.
    All you Fair Weather Fans …go cheer for FSU….. that’s all you good for.


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