Dooley Noted: Tennessee a ‘must-win’ for Florida


Pat talks about Hurricane Irma, recent NCAA games, and Florida’s prospects against Tennessee.


  1. Football is not a distraction it serves as a Giant Metaphor of the Human Condition.
    If you think so little of football please go cover some other sport.

    • Thank you Ludimeister. I keep trying to prod Dooley and the other hand-wringing posters to stop the guilty, “its only a game”ostentatious goodness.” Geez, everyone who gets on here with the mopes and woes about all the suffering going on acts like they are somehow doing good, when they are actually just piling on. Don’t get why all sports writers have to overflow their banks and comment on the world at large. Let’s try to have a couple hours of fun, what could it hurt?


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